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Creating Music

Every kid becomes a composer when they explore the unique and cutting-edge games in Quaver’s Music Studio.
They can write songs on piano, guitar, and drums, then play producer, putting it all together like a pro. Then they can download it, use it as a ring tone, or share with friends and family online! Along the way, they’ll learn the science of song writing, the art of putting notes together into chords, and the basics for learning these instruments offline!
Place notes on the staff to write music, choose instruments to play back your composition, and take notes from the Chord Helper and Melody Maker to help learn the ropes! You can even watch the piano play the right notes back to you!
Arrange thousands of grooves to make your own songs from different instruments, types, and styles. Then mix the tracks together like a professional!
Arrange patterns of different chords using different styles of guitar playing. Learn the finger positions on a real guitar neck as they are played back to you!
Compose drum loops by interacting with Quaver's drum machine. Build your own kit of drums, make a drum solo, or load a song and play along.
Experiment with the science of sound by changing the attributes of audio waveforms and adding them together and watching what happens in the oscilloscope. Play songs on the included keyboard or save the sound and use it in QComposer to make your songs truly your own!