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  • Many music educators and students may recognize the word "Quaver" as the British term for an eighth note. We've commandeered the word as the name for the energetic Englishman featured throughout our teaching resources. Learn more about Quaver here.

  • Quaver's programs were created by David V. Mastran and Graham Hepburn, a talented performer and educator who plays the Quaver character. Mastran is the founder and former CEO of MAXIMUS – a New York Stock Exchange company and the largest social welfare privatization firm in America. They set out to set a new standard for general music education – to help teachers become more effective with less effort and to have children learn music while having great fun. Learn more about the Quaver Team, Vision, and hear from the creators themselves.

  • Quaver offers a suit of General Music Programs from supplemental resources to a complete K-6 Curriculum. All are "Seriously Fun" and represent the future of music education in our schools.

    Quaver's Beyond Marvelous General Music Curriculum
    A comprehensive Curriculum for grade K-6 (with 7-8 coming soon). Contains over 216 fully developed lessons for K-5 plus 6 major projects for 6th graders. Lesson plans as well as a Lesson Plan Presenter that takes the teacher through all the interactive activities. As well, Quaver Musicals are included for grades K-3. Learn More about the QK-5 Curriculum.

    Quaver's Marvelous Music Essentials
    A topic-based supplement which includes 30 video episodes about 15 minutes each and corresponding teaching materials like Interactive White Board Activities, musical tracks, and much more. Learn More about Quaver's Essentials.

    Quaver's ClassPlay™
    Our hub of interactive song-based activities, teaching music concepts, skills, and movement through folk, traditional, holiday, patriotic, and original Quaver song literature. Included are nearly 200 songs with lyrics with animated backgrounds, a full-score option which lights up notes for each unstrument, videos, and connections to other subject areas. Learn More about ClassPlay™.

    Free Student Website
    Quaver also maintains a Student Website for free at Students can compose music, learn about musical history and styles, and have their own music rooms. Teachers can take advantage of the user-friendly, engaging tools at to enhance their lessons, digitally assign, collect, and grade assignments, and encourage students to continue making music at home.

  • Yes! We offer a 30-Day Preview of all 3 of our Programs so you can try them on your own time, with your students, and evaluate how they work in your classroom! Sign up here

  • Quaver Programs are currently in use in over 2,500 schools in the United States. The number is expected to double next year. We have schools teaching music all over the world using our programs, including in Australia, India, England, Singapore, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and even New Guinea! To find teachers using Quaver in your area of the United States, go here

  • We get so many great testimonials from teachers, that we've created a searchable database of them so you can find out what teachers are saying about all aspects of Quaver's Marvelous World of Music. Visit our Testimonial Database and search for teacher quotes by Program, Benefit, Location, and much more!

  • Yes, Quaver Programs comply with both established and emerging music standards across the nation, helping teachers meet their goals and increase student understanding in every lesson. Check out our Crosswalks comparing Quaver Programs to National and State Standards.

  • is the largest company in the world dedicated to K-8 Music Education. Over 50 full time staff and consultants are constantly working to develop the best music educational resources possible. Home to one of the most original kid's music websites ever and a premier online destination for kids to explore music. It's a true virtual world experience where kids find the social interaction they want online, in a kid-friendly environment sure to ignite a love of music in them for years to come! Teachers can take advantage of the user-friendly, engaging tools at to enhance their lessons, digitally assign, collect, and grade assignments, and encourage students to continue making music at home.


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