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Quaver's cutting-edge technology, advanced curricula, and powerful reporting capabilities help District Supervisors manage diverse teachers, classrooms, and challenges and build a stronger, more effective music program.


The Quaver Team takes great pride in delivering world-class support to every customer, starting with teacher-friendly training on new resources.

Quaver districts receive hands-on training from the Quaver Team, either virtually or in person. Teachers will leave the fun and educational training session empowered and excited to use the resources in their Quaver Program. The customer support continues from there via social media, live webinars, phone support, and follow up training to ensure all educators are making maximum use of their resources.

The Quaver Team takes great pride in delivering world-class support to every customer, starting with teacher-friendly training on new resources.

Reports at Every Level

Quaver's Usage Reports give educators a bird's-eye view of what's happening in their classroom. Reports at the teacher level also keep supervisors informed as to performance across their district without relying on limited class observations.

Easy-to-interpret reports help monitor the performance of a specific student, class, or overall school by assignment, objective, or date. Supervisors and teachers can even track what lesson plans have been executed in each classroom as well as student performance on a class-by-class basis.

Completely Customizable Curriculum

Quaver's QK-5 Curriculum comes ready-to-use with 200+ Lesson Plans organized for easy access in 3-week modules. Using our robust customization features, educators are free to rearrange, adapt, or extend these lessons to conform to their specific district objectives or scope and sequence.

Teachers can:
  • Reorder the screens in any Quaver Lesson
  • Add screens to suit specific class time or objectives
  • Integrate outside resources to any lesson in a variety of formats including YouTube clips, audio files, PDFs, and hyperlinks
  • Create new custom lessons with any Quaver resources

With a user-friendly drag and drop system, Quaver teachers can create and confidently launch a lesson plan students are certain to love.

Quaver Districts are empowered to make greater use of technology, adapt Bloom's Taxonomy, and maximize teacher effectiveness across your district!

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"We are a Quaver District! We love the way the material addresses the students’ likes and attention spans. It’s very interactive. Especially the online components that help teachers construct lesson plans that are in line with the National Standards."

Judith Hawkins
Supervisor, Vocal/General Music
Prince George’s County Public Schools, MD

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