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Quaver Programs are developed with the guidance and feedback of real music teachers around the country.

The Quaver Advisory Council, otherwise known as the “QAC,” was formed in 2011 to help develop and continually improve the content in Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music. QAC Members come from various schools settings and backgrounds, and are all highly regarded in their field. They have been a valuable and irreplaceable voice in the development of Quaver’s resources.

The QK-5 Curriculum was also reviewed by a distinguished group of educators who gave their stamp of approval to our Program. Our Curriculum Review Committee is composed of Doctorates of Music Education from around the country, all leaders in the field of General Music.

Quaver resources have been certified Thin Common Cartridge Compliant by IMS Global in order to integrate seamlessly with district IT systems and processes. Contact us for or more information on integration.

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