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Quaver's Beyond Marvelous General Music Curriculum for Grades 6-8

Our fully-digital Q6-8 curriculum includes fourteen multi-session group projects, across the three grade levels that help teachers extend the foundations learned in elementary school. Even your non-band and non-choir students will be engaged in composing, performing, and responding to music in their daily lives.

Learning Leads to Presentation Each Quaver project emphasizes the active and creative aspects of music, going beyond the theory to get students engaging with music in their everyday lives. Each project culminates in a presentation or performance either as a solo or in a group. Throughout the three grades students will perform a pop opera, group busking routines, ukulele and keyboard pieces, a giant ostinato jam, and so much more!

Teamwork and Collaboration Quaver projects help hone students' life skills like teamwork and responsibility as they work in groups to complete each Project Book. Inside they'll find performance goals as well as a rubric for evaluating the final product they perform - and the work of their classmates. Project Books are great for journaling, taking notes, and keeping track of group responsibilities.

Cross-Curricular Connections Cross Curricular connections - to history, drama, geography and more - are woven through all of the Q6-8 Curriculum. Teachers lead students on a tour of World Music around the globe with projects on Asian, Latin, and African percussion. They’ll explore the science of sound, make connections to careers in animation for music and music in the media, and write their own skits exploring the lives of history’s greatest composers.

Technology for Today's Students Quaver projects employ innovative technology as a powerful tool to enhance your teaching but don't depend on screens or apps for classroom instruction. When it comes time to apply what they've learned, students can engage with the technology they love - with mobile apps that encourage composition and creativity and assessments delivered right to their mobile device. Q6-8 Projects also encourage students to think about the intersection of music and technology in the media and in their daily lives.

It's flexible and easy-to-use! Teachers may choose to tackle fewer projects, or rearrange them to better fit your meeting schedule. You can even customize a 7th Grade lesson to use in 6th or 8th grade with three simple clicks! The Curriculum is also compatible with every classroom - whether you have an interactive whiteboard or simply a computer and projector. - and with the ability to customize any lesson to suit your needs - there’s truly no limit to what teachers can do with Q6-8 in their classroom.

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