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So you’re ready to bring Quaver into your classroom?

Let’s get started with the order process!

To order Quaver Teaching Resources:

  1. Download a Quaver Order Form and Find Pricing for the Resources you need.
  2. Submit completed Order Form - with Billing and Teacher contact information included - to your accounting team for a Purchase Order or Check
  3. Send completed Order Form and Purchase Order to Quaver HQ and we’ll process your order.

Submit Orders Via Fax: 615-320-3274. Or call 866-917-3633 to process order with a Credit Card over the phone.

Mailing Address: LLC 1706 Grand Ave. Nashville, TN 37212-2206

Note for Teachers:

Our entire QK-5 Curriculum is accessed by users online! You'll receive a Quaver Code in your email as soon as your order is processed, and you can dive in right away at!

Our Essentials Program includes physical DVDs & Teacher Guides, but all the Interactive Teaching Resources used in the Program are also accessed online.

Because of the digital nature of our programs – it’s important that we receive accurate Teacher Contact Information to email instructions and updates to your resources. You can help by making sure your billing department includes the Quaver Order Form with your contact information with the Purchase Order they send our way.

Note for Purchasers:

Ordering with Quaver may be a bit different than what your school or district is used to because we are primarily a digital product.

We don’t send paper invoices, so please be sure to include an accurate Billing Contact email on your Order form.

To help us process your order quickly and get your teacher started off on the right foot – please include a completed Quaver Order Form with your Purchase Order.

We’ve made it as easy as we can, but let us know if you have any questions – call Rob at 866-917-3633 or email us!

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