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Quaver Music Library is packed with over 1,100 songs for various teaching and learning opportunities. Songs are woven into every lesson of our comprehensive QK-8 Curriculum to help teachers engage students, teach songs, and reinforce student understanding at every grade and skill level!

Songs range from audio examples to illustrate concepts of music theory to traditional folk songs with layers of movement and notation activities - plus original Quaver compositions your students will love - all recorded in our Nashville studio with live instruments and age-appropriate voices.

Our innovative ClassPlay™ program is home to more than 600 of these songs, delivered as interactive Song Hubs. The song is at the center, surrounded by layers of activities for process-driven teaching of music concepts, skills, and movement. ClassPlay™ includes thousands of activities and is available as part of our curriculum or as a stand-alone supplement

Quaver’s Song Library includes:

  • Classical Pieces
  • Song for Learning Theory
  • Folk and Traditional Songs
  • Native American Songs
  • World Music
  • Patriotic Songs

Download our complete Quaver Song List

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