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Each 3-week module of the Quaver Curriculum includes a Computer-Aided Assessment.
These assessments gauge student mastery of lesson objectives and can be used by teachers in any number of ways:

  1. Pass out a printed version of the Quiz, and collect for manual grading
  2. Display the Quiz on an interactive whiteboard or projection screen, and take an informal class assessment together
  3. Digitally assign the Quiz to your class using the Teacher Administration, then sit back as the responses are collected, scored, and entered into your GradeBook automatically
  4. Utilize the free Quaver Student App to have students submit quizzes for automatic assessment on school iPads or utilize 'Bring Your Own Device' policies and have students use their own mobile device.

Computer-Aided Assessments save valuable teacher time while gathering accurate data on student and class understanding. Data can be manipulated to drill down to each student, assignment, or quiz, and is visible to District Supervisors.

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