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Quaver's Student Interactives are web-based activities that extend the learning happening in the Quaver Curriculum to student devices.

They can be accessed by computer or any mobile web browser, which means they work on both iOS and Android devices, both at home and in the classroom.

Types of Student Interactives include:

  • Recorder scores and assessment
  • Music Theory games and assessments such as Staff Champion
  • Engaging digital QuaverBooks that explore musical genres
  • Digital keyboard, guitar, and drum apps
  • Loads of drag-and-drop activities great for individual students or small groups

These Interactives are easy to activate in three ways:

  1. Within the Quaver Curriculum: The TOOLS icon in your Navigation Bar will change to a Mobile Device when a complimentary Interactive is available. Click TOOLS and then MOBILE to pull up a QR Code students can scan to access the activity on their device.
  2. From Students can explore the full menu of Student Interactives from a computer even without a account. Create a single Class Code to tie them to your license, or distribute Interactives as an assignment to each student.
  3. From the QStudent App: Students can also navigate all Interactives through the free QStudent App – available for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. They simply enter their QuaverName and Password and begin to explore!

Quaver Student Interactives integrate technology to open up a world of differentiation, application, and assessment in the music classroom!

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