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Explore the Interactive Teaching Resources that make up Quaver’s Programs and
Quaver's Interactive Teaching Resources engage students, enhance classroom technology, and equip teachers to further student understanding of music concepts. Explore our full collection of resources below - organized by our twelve thematic threads key to a comprehensive music education. Learn more about our Key Thematic Threads here.

Quaver's Beyond Marvelous General Music Curriculum for Grades K-5
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Quaver's QK-5 Curriculum is a comprehensive, customizable program, revolutionizing the way technology is used in today's music classroom! Each of the 216 fully-developed QK-5 lessons is a combination of teacher-led, interactive tools that have students keyed into the day's concepts from the second class begins.

The following resources are included in the QK-5 Curriculum:

Quaver’s Marvelous Music Essentials
Topic-based Online Quaver Classrooms that correspond to our 30 high-energy episodes. Here teachers will find worksheets, music tracks, quizzes, songs and Interactive Whiteboard Activities compatible with all interactive whiteboards - or with a computer/projection screen.
Quaver’s ClassPlay
Quaver’s hub of interactive song-based elements, teaching music concepts, skills, and movement using folk, traditional, holiday, patriotic, and original Quaver song literature. Engage students and reinforce understanding at every grade and skill level!
Free virtual world of music - students can compose their own music, play musical games, and win awards for using their musical knowledge and imagination!
Resource Manager
Home to a searchable Library of resources and the Customization functionality that allows you to rearrange, adapt, or extend Quaver lessons.
Bach’s Brain
Memorable video vignettes connect music with real life skills through the lives of history’s greatest composers.
Quaver’s World Music
Introduce percussion instruments from around the world with 40 minutes of video, 360-degree views, leveled performance challenges, and cultural connections.
Teacher Administration
Distribute and automatically grade student assignments and quizzes.
Video tutorials help you learn how to use Quaver resources.

QK-5 makes lesson planning a breeze!
Our fully-developed lessons have national standards built right in and can be customized at the district or school level with Quaver resources or integrated with a teacher’s own favorite resources. With all the day’s resources housed in one place, teachers can advance through each custom lesson - from warm-up activity to assessment - with the touch of a button using Quaver's Lesson Plan Presenter!

Save valuable time with automated assessments!
Each 3-week module of lessons includes a computer-aided assessment to gauge student mastery of class objectives. These assessments can be given in many ways: from the board as a class activity, on paper with the included worksheet, or in the students’ accounts where they are automatically graded upon completion. View results at the class level to quickly assess comprehension and identify trouble spots, or drill down to specific students. Data can also be made available to District Supervisors.

Download our 40-page QK-5 Booklet for more information!

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