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Quaver's Interactive Teaching Resources engage students, enhance classroom technology, and equip teachers to further student understanding of music concepts. Explore our full collection of resources below - organized by our twelve thematic threads key to a comprehensive music education. Learn more about our Key Thematic Threads here.

Instrument Anatomies
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Instrument Anatomies

Dissect each Instrument Family to identify parts and distinguishing sounds that belong to each instrument.

Instrument Anatomies delivers a complete collection of instruments into every music classroom via the Interactive Whiteboard or projection screen. These leveled activities give teachers an engaging and effective way to identify the parts of an instrument and challenge students to identify them clearly together. Sound samples for every instrument challenge students to develop sharp listening skills.

Students learn to recognize each of these instruments visually, aurally, and in the correct families:

  • Orchestral Woodwinds
    • Piccolo
    • Flute
    • Oboe
    • Clarinet
    • Bassoon
    • Bass Clarinet
    • Saxophones (Options for both Classical & Jazz)
      • Soprano
      • Alto
      • Tenor
      • Baritone
  • Orchestral Brass
    • Trumpet
    • French Horn
    • Trombone
    • Tuba
  • Fretted Instruments
    • Ukulele
    • Acoustic Guitar
    • Electric Guitar
    • Banjo
  • Orchestral Strings
    • Violin
    • Viola
    • Cello
    • Double Bass
  • Various
    • Violin
    • Piano
    • Guitar
    • Clarinet

Instrument Anatomies Activities are accessible to Essentials Program users in The Teacher Toolbox and Instruments & Ensembles Online Quaver Classrooms and are integrated in Executable Lesson Plans throughout Quaver’s QK-5 Curriculum.

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