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Explore the Interactive Teaching Resources that make up Quaver’s Programs and
Quaver's Interactive Teaching Resources engage students, enhance classroom technology, and equip teachers to further student understanding of music concepts. Explore our full collection of resources below - organized by our twelve thematic threads key to a comprehensive music education. Learn more about our Key Thematic Threads here.

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Quaver’s Studio is home to our most powerful composition tools - empowering students to create original music at!

In QBackBeat, students compose drum loops with Quaver's interactive drum machine. They can customize their own kit of drums - exploring all the different percussion sounds possibilities! Quaver’s Play-Along songs provide a melody to help students get started, and before long they’ll be creating simple and advanced rhythms while reinforcing beat, tempo, and rhythm comprehension.

Once a rhythm is complete, students can save it to share with family and friends online or pull it up in another Quaver Creative to continue the songwriting process.

QBackBeat is accessible to Students & Teachers with Free accounts. Teachers using any of Quaver’s Programs can create and assign custom QBackBeat projects via the Teacher Gradebook.

Premium features - including some Kit Lab sounds and the ability to publish a song as an MP3 - require QuaverNotes.

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