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Quaver's Interactive Teaching Resources engage students, enhance classroom technology, and equip teachers to further student understanding of music concepts. Explore our full collection of resources below - organized by our twelve thematic threads key to a comprehensive music education. Learn more about our Key Thematic Threads here.

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Explore the world of choreography, movement, lighting, and set design with QDancer!

A great song is just the beginning, as students will soon learn when they take the creative process to the next level - choreographing an original dance routine just by dragging and dropping moves of their choice into the QDancer creative at

In QDancer students can:

  • Build a routine for their ballerina with nearly 30 stationary and traveling dance moves, including arabesque, glissade, pas de bourrée, and many more
  • Create custom combos for their hip-hop dancer with over 30 authentic hip-hop moves – from the Dougie to B-boy, six step to gainer, and many back tucks in between
  • Select an original song composed at or choose a Quaver Play Along
  • Program the lights to their cue
  • Change the costumes and scenery for their big dance
  • Learn the correct pronunciation of classical and current dance moves
  • See their original routine performed on stage

QDancer is also available for iPad.

QDancer is accessible to Students & Teachers with Free accounts. Premium features - including some costumes, scenery, and movements - require QuaverNotes.

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