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Quaver's Interactive Teaching Resources engage students, enhance classroom technology, and equip teachers to further student understanding of music concepts. Explore our full collection of resources below - organized by our twelve thematic threads key to a comprehensive music education. Learn more about our Key Thematic Threads here.

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In the Lab at, students can combine music & video into a unique movie soundtrack with QSoundFX!

Students can choose from over 400 sound effects in the QSoundFX Library - and can even record their own original sounds with our built-in microphone - to add to video clips in the Quaver editing room.

It’s easy to create a custom movie soundtrack:

  • Choose a video from a library of Quaver clips
  • Add a backing track – maybe even an original song created in Quaver’s Studio
  • Drag and drop selected sound effects – roosters, explosions, and laughter, oh my!
  • Mix it all together to create a student movie masterpiece

QSoundFX aids teachers in the discussion of Careers in Music - like Foley Artists, Audio Engineers, and Music Supervisors - making Life Connections as emphasized in emerging standards.

QSoundFX is accessible to Students & Teachers with Free accounts. Premium features - including some sounds and video content - require QuaverNotes.

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