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Beyond all the free fun at, we’ve created loads of Premium Features that require QuaverNotes – the site’s virtual currency – to access.

Parents can purchase QuaverNotes for users individually or in a monthly allowance format:

QM-003 2400 QuaverNotes $19.95  
QM-004 1100 QuaverNotes $9.95  
QM-005 550 QuaverNotes $4.95  
QM-006 200 QuaverNotes $1.95  

QuaverNotes allow users to:

  • Purchase Premium Virtual Goods
  • Open Locked Venues
  • Play more QArcade Games
  • Create MP3s
  • Access Exclusive Content in Quaver Creatives

QuaverNotes allow to remain a subscription-free resource to students and teachers around the world. They are not required for any assignments and Store functions can be disabled by Teacher’s through the Teacher Administration.

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