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About Quaver

Meet Quaver:
Quaver takes kids on an exciting journey through his imaginative music shop, inspiring them to discover and love music! With the help of a music laboratory, live recording studio, time-traveling phone box, and cast of hilarious characters, Quaver is an energetic teaching-assistant, helping teachers engage young people in the marvelous world of music like never before.

The Quaver character appears in our DVD series, in animated form in Interactive Teaching Resources, and as a guide to student exploration at

The man behind the Q:
Quaver Co-Founder Graham Hepburn doesn't just play Quaver, he embodies Quaver's energy and passion for making music seriously fun.

Hepburn has a passion for igniting a love of music in the hearts and minds of young kids. He served as an elementary music teacher in Illinois and his home country of England, is an accomplished musician, and is the heart and energetic force behind the Quaver character.

At Quaver's Nashville, TN headquarters, Hepburn now oversees the work of a vast team of creative professionals specializing in education, recording, video production, graphic design, and web design. Although he serves many roles, Graham hopes that he is seen foremost as "a friend and advocate of the teacher and parent."

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