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As an active player in Music Education the last few years, we are not the first to take note of the mega trends emerging in the field, and the desperate need for new answers to justify our music programs.

Quaver Resources provide solutions to these problems:

  • Budgets Continue to Decline: As public school budgets tighten, there is an increasing perception that music and arts programs are the most expendable, and the first to go.
  • Urgent Need for More Value in Curricula: To compete more effectively for school dollars, general music education must show more value. This can be done by relating music more strongly to other subject areas as well as showing how music enriches the student’s life like no other subject can.
  • Technology is a Requirement, not an Option: When technology is used well, teachers are more effective with less effort and students are more fully engaged with their studies, further increasing the value of music program.
  • Students are increasingly more difficult to engage: An avalanche of media reaches kids every day. The bar to capture their imagination is set higher and higher. Technology and well-crafted content in schools can help teachers stir their interests and draw them in.

We decided five years ago to devote our lives and resources to improving general music education for children. We did not intend simply to do better what has already been done before. We are not improvers. We are innovators, game changers. We want to set a new standard for general music education – to help teachers become more effective with less effort and to have children learn music while having great fun. Our continued focus is to revolutionize general music education in schools.

Dave Mastran

Graham Hepburn

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