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Quaver Headquarters - on Music Row in Nashville, TN - is home to a talented creative team of graphic artists, animators, web developers, musicians, audio engineers, video editors, marketers, & support staff!

We bring together multidisciplinary teams to develop resources that will work in today's music classroom, saving teachers time and leading to engaging, successful lessons. We love working for teachers!

Meet our Team:

Executive Team
David Mastran: Co-Founder, President
Graham Hepburn: Co-Founder, Vice President of Content Development
Christian Witt: Vice President of Development

Tori Bradford
Levi Douglas
Kailie Horak
Donna Mastran

Art & Design
Ryan Brown
Sam Collier
Chris Haga
Matt Hansel
Mary Moffet
Steve Steinaway
Chris TeBos

Dani Doucette
Matthew Moore
Jonathan Nesta
Justin Williams

Content Development
Graham Hepburn
Brandon Karstetter

Customer Service
Chad Booher
Bradley Minnigan
Boyd Reeder
Rob Wilbourn

Communications & Training
Abby Fraser
Otto Gross II
Maura Harwood
Jackie Kornacker
Valerie Diaz Leroy

Alayna Anderson
Paul Bates
Lonnie Castle
Catie Dwinal
Chris Lowe
Kirk Maddox
Tim Maus
Sean Smith
Amanda Thompson Reilly
Gregory Roman
Rachel Valosik
Buz Watson

Chris Cowley
Hannah Jost
Matt Pfingsten

Jessie Kelly
Tedi Knaak
Jay Phillips
Jeremy Ruff
Joe Williams

Chris Boone
Josh Brown
Jeremy Engman
Zach Halbert
Will Knight
Larry Little
Ken Masters
Matt Miller
Kevin Moritz
Nick Shepard
Caitlin Stein
Christian Witt
David Yunker


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