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World Class Teacher Support

We count every teacher using Quaver in their classroom as one of our own - a member of our growing Qmunity! We pride ourselves on delivering world-class support to our customers.

It all starts with our dedicated Customer Service team, ready and waiting to help with any question big or small.

Training opportunities abound for Quaver teachers around the world - from their classroom, computer, or in person with the Quaver team:

  • Live & Archived Webinars
    Every two weeks or so during the school year we stream Quaver live to your computer to explain new features or teach you - the teacher - more about our resources. Also features teacher testimonials and stories from Quaver HQ!
  • Qtorials & Web Helps
    Quaver and his team provide video tutorials of many elements of Step-by-Step Qtorials and other interactive Help functions within make it easy to learn as you go!
  • Skype Training & Visits
    Bring Quaver into your classroom or Professional Development day with live video streaming from our studio.
  • Convention Presence & Workshops
    We travel the country year-round giving hands-on training to teachers on the state convention circuit.
  • District-Wide Training
    Hands-on training is also available in your district. Teachers will leave empowered and excited to use the resources in their Quaver Program.
  • User Eblasts
    As Quaver resources continue to grow, we continue to train teachers! Users receive monthly updates in their inbox with tips on using the latest features of Quaver Programs and

The Quaver Team is here to help every teacher make maximum use of their Quaver Resources!

Visit the Teacher's Lounge to connect with our team on Social Media and mobile devices.

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