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To Renew your License:
Select your state and contact your Key Account Rep to get started.

Rob Wilbourn
Customer Service Manager
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Quaver HQ: 866-917-3633 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm CT)

All about Renewals:

Quaver's cutting-edge teaching resources are delivered digitally to teachers around the country and the world! This means that instead of buying a textbook or a set of lesson plans, Quaver teachers are buying access to online resources at that are continually updated throughout their use!

We use Site-Wide Licenses (per school location) to give any teacher at a purchasing school access to the online resources they purchase for a set number of years. The term of a license varies by Quaver Program and agreement at the time of sale.

At the end of the license term, Quaver teachers can renew their license and maintain access to their Quaver resources with no interruption for another year or more.

Talk to your Quaver Rep for more details & review our License Terms.


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