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August 18, 2017

Science of Sound

Previously only available to users of our middle school curriculum, teachers will now find Quaver's Science of Sound Project in their 4th Grade Curriculum under Special Projects. Over a course of six lessons, this project supports STEAM learning by having students investigate sound waves, reverberation, and digital effects. At the end of the project, students will host a Science of Sound exhibition - demonstrating what they have learned with our Creative QSynth.

About the Piece

Enhance your students' exploration of Classical pieces and composers with more than 40 new About the Piece activities in ClassPlay! In each About the Piece, students listen to the piece while discovering where the composer is from, learn an interesting fact about the composer and the piece, and read an interesting quote by the composer.

See Full List of Songs with About the Piece

Student Interactive Upgrades

Student Interactive favorites like Recorder Fingering Chart, Tic-Qac-Toe, Rhythm Selectah and more now have a new, sleek look! Find these activities in your Student Interactives menu to see what's new.

See Full List of Upgraded Student Interactives


April 4, 2017

Resource Manager

Your wish for easier search capabilities has been granted! Our new and improved Resource Manager provides better search returns and allows teachers to search within a specific category of the Quaver Program - making it easier to discover new resources or find the one you want to add to your custom lesson!

Choral Resources

Warm up those vocal chords, Quaver Choral Resources are live! Teachers now have access to 10 new Choral lessons, each focusing on an original, world, folk, or classical piece. These adaptable lessons include icebreakers, warm-ups, canons, and more PLUS a handy Choral Toolbox loaded with additional resources for sight-reading, planning, assessments, and much more!

See the Full List of Choral Lessons

More Key/Tempo Option Activities

The list of songs with adjustable scores continues to grow! Teachers can now choose from a variety of keys and tempos in an additional 65 songs in ClassPlay - bringing the total to more than 145 songs! New songs include Almost Summertime, Air Orchestra, and Lime Juice Tub, just to name a few.

See the Full List of Songs with Key/Tempo Option Activities

Qstrum Upgrades

Our guitar composition Creative, QStrum, now features both beginner guitar and ukulele options! Why not add a composition assignment to our 5th grade Ukulele Project? Challenge your students to compose a song using QStrum and then have them play it on their own ukulele - allowing students to go through the process of creating, performing, responding, and connecting.


December 21, 2016

ClassPlay Content

Say hello to five new songs in our ClassPlay Library, including a new recorder piece, "Overdrive," that focuses on playing Low E and Low D. This release also includes two new Haitian songs, "Ti Fi Anro," and "Dodo Ti Pitit."

See the Full List of New ClassPlay Songs & Activities

Three New Song-Based Lessons

This release includes three new Song-Based Lessons! With these lessons, teachers can focus on the concepts that go into creating, playing, and understanding an entire song using both Orff and Kodaly approaches. In our much-anticipated third grade on "Peter and the Wolf," teachers can introduce students to the instruments of the orchestra and explore the character themes of the story. Two new first grade lessons also introduce and identify "la" on the pentatonic scale.

See the Full List of New Song-Based Lessons

Custom Curriculum Builder

If there's one things teachers love to do, it's customize! We are excited to introduce a new and easy way to access and manipulate custom content created at The new Custom Curriculum Builder allows you to sequence your lessons in a way that works for you, combining Quaver Lessons, Song-Based Lessons, and your own Custom Lessons. You're going to love this super personalized look at your Curriculum!

Student Interactives

Our library of Student Interactives continues to grow with the transformation of 13 Interactive Whiteboard activities this month. Favorites such as Instrument Crane, Instrument Anatomies, and many more are now easily accessible by clicking the yellow STUDENT INTERACTIVES bus sign on Quaver Street or from the Teacher Dashboard. Just like all our Student Interactives, these activities work great on mobile devices!

See the Full list of New Student Interactives

Featured Resources

With four releases every calendar year, Quaver teachers are regularly introduced to new content and functionality. Our Featured Resources Menu makes it easy to digest what's new and find it within the Quaver Program. A selection of six featured resources is regularly rotated to keep teachers informed, educated, and excited about the latest updates to


October 17, 2016

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

We are excited to release our Pre-Kindergarten lessons for teachers to preview with their students this year. Our Pre-K characters Songbird and Boobam will help introduce children to a variety of musical concepts and movement activities that help develop coordination skills. Each lesson contains four songs, a story, and a classical music connection and emphasizes a social and musical theme.

ClassPlay Content

Looks like the holidays came early! We are very excited to announce that this release includes 16 new songs including 10 holiday titles, three classical pieces, and three contemporary songs. New additions include songs like "Peter and the Wolf," "What a Wonderful World," "Lean on Me," and so much more!

See the Full List of New ClassPlay Songs & Activities

Additions to QuaverBooks

Many of the contemporary songs added this month make great additions to our QuaverBooks! We've incorporated new pieces in the Advanced QuaverBooks for Jazz, Blues, and Rock and in the Advanced Venue Books at the corresponding Metro stops at The Advanced Classical QuaverBook and History Venue Book have also been updated to include new titles Peter and the Wolf and The Syncopated Clock!

Three New Song-Based Lessons

Since their initial release last month, Song-Based Lessons have been a huge hit with Quaver teachers! We’re adding to the growing collection with three new Orff Lessons this month. These lessons center on contemporary and holiday music and will have students playing instruments and creating their own accompaniments. They also have great cross-curricular connections to geography, social issues, and much more!

See the Full List of New Song-Based Lessons

Orff Instrument Library

We're excited to introduce some big additions to our Virtual Orff Instrument Library, located in the ClassPlay Toolbox. We replaced our single digital Orff Instrument with a library of options to serve as a visual tool for classroom instruction, a digital manipulative for composition, and an electronic instrument for performance. Each of the 9 instruments features flexible options to customize the appearance of the instrument including the use of note names, staff placement, solfa, and pentatonic scales.

Explore the Modes

Introducing Explore the Modes: a new ClassPlay Toolbox activity to help explore tonality in the classroom. This activity breaks down each of the seven classic modes into: a brief overview, tonal patterns, and a preparation screen – a great tool to help develop the ear and mind of a growing musician!

New Active Listening Element

Our list of Active Listening Elements is growing! During the summer, we encouraged everyone to get in the Olympic spirit with "Summer Games," and demonstrated "The Nutcracker: Chinese Dance" during our Digital Training sessions. Now your students can watch Escamillo, the cymbal playing rabbit, demonstrate rhythm, movement, and instrumentation in the overture of the famous opera, Carmen!


September 21, 2016

Song-Based Lessons

Quaver's Song-Based Lessons help teachers develop students' musical knowledge and skills using tools and techniques inspired by the Kodály, Orff, Music Learning Theory, and Themed approaches to music education. Each lesson revolves around a folk song or theme and includes interactive screens to engage the entire class while also providing opportunities for student-directed learning.

New Student Mobile Experience

Students can now log in to from a non-flash mobile device – like an iPad – no need for a flash converter app!

Refresh to Teacher Dashboard

Our newly redesigned Teacher Dashboard is a Quaver teacher's one-stop shop for all their teaching resources, and it now holds even more content – making it easier to access favorites like Quaver Musicals, QuaverBooks, Teacher Toolbox, and our new Song-Based Lessons! And coming soon: Custom Curriculum will make it easy to find and launch your custom content!


August 8, 2016

New Bulletin Board

Our newly redesigned Teacher Dashboard is a Quaver teacher's one-stop shop for all their teaching resources, and it now holds even more content – making it easier to access favorites like Quaver Musicals and Teacher Toolbox!

New Full Score Activity

Our ClassPlay Full Score Activity now offers key and tempo options for more than 30 songs – allowing you to teach lyrics or instrument parts of a song at a slower tempo, in a different key, or both!

See the Full List of Songs with new Full Score Activity

Improved Vocal Quality

As we continue to strive to provide the best possible resources and quality for music educators, we've re-recorded fourteen pieces to give teachers better vocal models for their students.


APRIL 8, 2016

Sharing Custom Lessons

Quaver teachers are experts at customizing our ready-made lessons to better suit their classroom needs or school standards - even making their own lessons from scratch. Now, we’ve made it easy to share those custom lessons with other teachers within a school district with just a few simple clicks!

Editing and Printing Custom Lessons

Now that you are an expert at customizing lessons, you’re probably ready to see your beautiful lesson plan in print (and share it with your administration). Quaver teachers can now edit the header portion of a lesson plan to match their changes, and easily print their completely custom lesson plan.

New Assignment Slide Type

In an ongoing effort to make it easier to give and grade Quaver assignments, we have added 12 sample Assignment Slides to the Quaver Curriculum. When used in the course of a Quaver lesson, these slides make it easy to discuss and distribute an assignment to a class of students all from one screen within the Lesson Plan Presenter.

GradeBook Improvements

The Quaver GradeBook got two exciting upgrades this month, allowing teachers to customize the grading scale for each assignment and organize entries by due dates with just one click.

Contests Improvements

Entering and rating contests are some of the most popular activities for students on! We’ve made some improvements to encourage even more song creation and fun! The Contests page now includes stats on how many people have entered and completed each contest.

New International Songs

Our spring release includes seven new songs from around the world that will have you and your students exploring other countries without leaving the classroom! Visit World Music or ClassPlay to find six songs from the lands of Australasia and one from Morocco, with a total of 32 new associated activities including great geography, language, and cultural connections!

See the Full List of New International Songs

Improved Vocal Quality

As we strive to make the best resources possible, we learn more about what makes the best, the best! We've re-recorded eighteen pieces for this push to give teachers better vocal models for their students.

See the Full List of Songs with Improved Vocal Quality

More Key/Tempo Option Activities

The list of songs with adjustable scores continues to grow! Teachers can now choose from a variety of keys and tempos in an additional 10 songs in ClassPlay - bringing the total to 85 songs! New songs include Almost Summertime, John Kanaka, and Jim Along Josie, just to name a few.

See the Full List of Songs with Key/Tempo Option Activities

Learn the Parts

Learn the Parts is an exciting activity type - live now in over 30 ClassPlay song hubs. These 21 new activities were developed by Orff teachers for Orff teachers! Each activity contains a three-part Orff arrangement that includes options for viewing with or without words, graphics, and notation. Once students have learned the melody to a song they can begin to add instruments to the mix through a speech, to body, to instrument transition.

See the Full List of Songs with Learn the Parts Activities


DECEMBER 30, 2015

Introducing Quaver Studio Orchestra

What’s that new icon on the ClassPlay menu? Our newest category of ClassPlay songs – Quaver Studio Orchestra – launches with 18 original pieces written by Quaver Co-Founders, David Mastran and Graham Hepburn.

Each orchestral arrangement includes a visual representation of the instruments used in the piece and will grow to include more Interactive Listening Fun! in the future.
See the Full List of New ClassPlay Songs & Activities

19 New Folk Songs

Our Folk song list continues to grow with 19 new traditional favorites in this month's update. These songs were selected from a list of teacher suggestions and include classics like Frère Jacques and The More We Get Together - each with a Full Score Activity, Lyrics Activity, and Printable material to share with your students.
See the Full List of New ClassPlay Songs & Activities

New Activities

An additional 15 ClassPlay titles now include Key/Tempo Option Activities, and a few folk favorites have also received an upgrade with new activities great for teachers who embrace the Kodály pedagogy.
See the Full List of New ClassPlay Songs & Activities

Improved Full Score Navigation

Check out any Full Score activity to find new navigation at the top of the page including easier ways to:

  • Turn individual instrument tracks on and off
  • "Solo" tracks or select all tracks
  • Select between single note and full measure highlighting – new this month!

Simply click any of the track buttons at the top of the menu to access a drop-down list of actions to modify which instruments have notation displayed in the main score window and how it is highlighted for students. You can even make changes as the song plays!

New Audio Mixer and Transport Bar

A streamlined transport bar and audio mixer now appear throughout ClassPlay. The horizontal volume sliders allow you to more easily:

  • Adjust the volume of the vocal track, backing track or both from our audio mixer
  • Move to a specific point in the song or volume controls with a single click
  • Highlight lyrics or Loop the track with a single click

Upgrades to your Video Player

As a part of our continued quest to bring you smoother, more reliable video streaming - we’ve made a few improvements to your video experience! In the next few months we’ll begin offering even higher-quality video streaming through our upgraded video player.

A few things you’ll notice about the new player right away:

  • Improved Full Screen option now removes the framed border and the controls disappear
  • New Stats button shows you the bandwidth of your internet connection and active video quality as the video plays
  • You can now press the SPACEBAR to start and stop any video at

New “Drawing Available” Indicator

The ability to create and save a custom drawing on any Curriculum screen is a favorite tool among Quaver Teachers. We’re making it even easier to use by changing the type to green adding a yellow glow to the Draw icon when a drawing is saved. This should make it easier for you to find and use your original drawings in class – even if you leave the screen or lesson altogether and return at another time!

Search Improvements

Visit the Resource Manager and Library to give our latest round of search improvements a test drive. The Library now returns more relevant results for partial word searches and includes individual ClassPlay activities in its logic.

Changes to Bulletin Board

  • Expanded CREATIVES menu: You can now easily navigate beyond the Studio Creatives to favorites like QSkits and SongBrush, as well.
  • STUDENT INTERACTIVES icon: This shortcut to your Student Interactives replaces Usage Reports, which will be upgraded and incorporated into your GradeBook with improved functionality in the future!

New Assignment Option

Speaking of Student Interactives: many teachers requested the ability to assign an Interactive to students through the Teacher Administration Panel. That functionality has been added!

Check it out by clicking CREATE ASSIGNMENTS and selecting STUDENT INTERACTIVES from the drop-down.

Also under Teacher Administration - you can now view the Class Code from the MANAGE CLASSES screen as well as ENROLL STUDENTS. We hope this will help streamline your process of enrolling students in GradeBook Classes.



New Login Screen and Welcome Music

The first thing you'll notice at is our exciting new login screen! We've also taken the famous Quaver theme song and added a variety of different versions to keep things interesting for you and your students. Log in and out to hear them all!

Easier-Than-Ever Access to Student Interactives

From the homepage, you might also notice a new signpost featuring STUDENT INTERACTIVES. With this new addition, we've made it easier and faster than ever for your students to access our Student Interactives! Students don't even need a account to access these activities, but can simply click the new sign and enter an active class code to pull up the Student Interactives menu on their computer.

Exciting Additions to Quaver's World Music

You asked, and we answered! We're making our World Music songs easier to find and are building in more cross-curricular connections along the way. Click WORLD MUSIC on your School Bulletin Board, and then select SONGS to see ClassPlay songs from every continent through the interactive map of the world.

Mobile Active Listening Activities

Users of the Quaver Curriculum are probably familiar with our Sound-n-Pic activities. These flexible boards offer countless opportunities to evaluate listening skills in the classroom. Now we've added mobile activities that mirror many of these boards to bring the learning to students working individually or in groups. Click TOOLS and then MOBILE on any of these Sound-n-Pic boards to try them with your students!

New Content and Activities in ClassPlay - Now Easier to Identify

We are always adding new content to ClassPlay - and now we've made it easier to spot in the long list of songs! Introducing the NEW CONTENT STAR - now live in your account. From any Song List in ClassPlay, you'll see new songs (or songs with new activities added) called out with that easy-to-spot red star.

Plus New and Improved Student Dashboard

Last but not least - we hope your students will enjoy the new Student Dashboard waiting behind their STUDENT tab.

The dashboard now offers easy access to:

  • Assignments
  • Student Interactives
  • Creatives
  • Music Room
  • Metro
  • Phone Box


New Menu Answers Big Questions:

Have you ever wondered...

  • How does the Quaver Curriculum incorporate movement activities? Or Orff resources?
  • How can a teacher use Quaver to address students with different learning styles or abilities?

Our new Curriculum Features and Best Practices area is filled with resources to help you examine your Quaver resources from any pedagogical slice or point of interest.

To get there:

  • Open your Curriculum & click the CURRICULUM FEATURES & BEST PRACTICES icon on the left side of the Lesson Selection Menu!
  • Once you click, a new set of options will appear below the grade levels icons with a tab for both Curriculum Features and Best Practices. Each button opens a PDF in a new window. For Standards and Maps of any kind, these documents are grade-specific. Other resources are the same in each grade.
  • Simply click the yellow BACK TO LESSONS arrow to return to your Lesson Selection Menu.

Now next time you find yourself asking (or answering) these big questions about our approach to music education, you'll know just where to look!

*Classical Connections in every grade!

One of the great new things you'll find on the Curriculum Features menu is a handy map of our Classical Connections screens!

These activities help you expose students to classical pieces repeatedly throughout their elementary music career.

  • Each Classical Connections activity includes 3 classical pieces in an audio playlist.
  • A map for each grade level identifies where the activities appear and which specific pieces are showcased.
  • Check the Notes for activity suggestions for each song, focusing on movement, listening, playing instruments, and more!

Download each grade level map from the Curriculum Features Menu or search Classical Connections in the Library to see an activity in action!

*Ukulele Project in 5th Grade

You asked, and we answered! We've added an exciting new project to the K-5 Curriculum featuring... you guessed it: ukuleles!

  • 10 lessons full of engaging ukulele material!
  • Introduce simple chords and a Scale of C with loads of fun Quaver songs and practice workouts.
  • For their final performance, students choose a favorite piece to share in duets, trios, or ensembles.
  • Select 5th Grade and then Special Project to check it out!

Download each grade level map from the Curriculum Features Menu or search Classical Connections in the Library to see an activity in action!

Easy-to-Find Student Interactives

Did someone say tech integration?

Our new Student Interactives make it easier than ever to use technology to enhance your music classroom. With the click of a button you - and your students - can now access Quaver teaching and learning resources for mobile devices - from ChromeBooks to iPads and everything in between.

Our new Student Interactives area includes:

  • 10 Recorder scores and assessment
  • Staff Champion and other theory games
  • Digital keyboard, guitar, and drum apps
  • Loads of drag-and-drop activities great for individual students or small groups

To see these Student Interactives for yourself:

  • Click TOOLS in any Quaver Curriculum screen and select STUDENT INTERACTIVES to access the full menu OR
  • Search "mobile" in the Library for a complete list
  • Click the STUDENT TAB and select STUDENT INTERACTIVES from the Student Bulletin Board

Plus more SONGS, FEATURES, and OPTIONS in ClassPlay!

You don't want to miss these additions to ClassPlay - further strengthening your ability to customize your lessons to work for your teaching style!

  • Choose between Takadimi, Gordon, and many other Rhythm Options in the "Rhythm and Solfège" Activities for 60+ songs.
    • Check out "Jumpin Jacks" or "I's the By's"
  • Explore new modes with 10 new pieces like "A Dinosaur Ate My Lunch" or "Dorian Jig."
    • Search "M.L.T." in ClassPlay to find these songs
  • Add to your Orff collection with 8 beautiful new pieces like "Elevator Music" and "The Breeze."
    • Search "Orff" in ClassPlay to find these songs
  • Choose from a variety of keys and tempos in 30 "Adjustable Score" activities.
    • Check out "Acka Backa" or "Bounce High"

See a Complete List of New Songs.

Rhythm and Pitch Races

Last but not least - you will love this digitized version of your favorite warm up activity - pitch and rhythm drills - squeezed through the Quaver filter to become an exciting new game!

In Rhythm and Pitch Races you can:

  • Select digital flashcards in Rhythm, Pitch, or both.
  • Select a level of difficulty with note options and time signature.
  • Choose Practice Patterns or an exciting two-team Race Game.
  • Choose a theme for your in-class competition and then YOU decide which team moves forward to the finish line based on their rhythm and pitch reading performance!

Click CLASSPLAY TOOLBOX in any ClassPlay song and select Rhythm and Pitch Races.

*Note: This feature will be added to the Quaver TX Curriculum in the Fall of 2015, pending TEA approval.


JUNE 2015

Old Joe Clark and the Mountain Dulcimer

Learn more about this unique Appalachian instrument with a new ClassPlay song and engaging activities.

Like a VIDEO INTERVIEW with a Dulcimer player about the history, parts, and techniques for playing the instrument!

Also around the Old Joe Clark Song Hub:

  • A VIDEO PERFORMANCE of the song on the Mountain Dulcimer
  • An interactive look at APPALACHIAN CLOGGING
  • Plus FULL SCORE, LYRICS, PRINTABLES, and more for this classic Appalachian folk song!

From your account: Find Old Joe Clark in ClassPlay. ClickSEARCH ALL SONGS and then type Old Joe Clark to launch.

New Movement Video for Four White Horses

Use our animated ClassPlay kids to introduce a simple movement activity to your class.

  • This simple CLAPPING GAME is a great accompaniment to the Caribbean song Four White Horses
  • Includes options to turn VOCALS and TRACKS on or off

From your account: Find Four White Horses in ClassPlay. Click SEARCH ALL SONGS and then type Four White Horses to launch.


MAY 2015

Your New Favorite Tool: Interactive Piano IWB

Display an interactive piano on your board or projection screen.

  • Switch between instrument sounds by selecting GRAND PIANO, ELECTRIC PIANO, or ORGAN
  • Turn the NOTES displayed on each key ON or OFF
  • Get creative with composition activities for every level of student comprehension

From your account: Find the Piano on the top row of your Teacher Toolbox - accessible from any Curriculum Screen, Essentials Classroom, or ClassPlay Hub.

By Popular Demand: Printable Assessments

Print or save TWO new versions of EVERY Curriculum Assessment.

  • The Teacher Key includes the correct answer indicated by a yellow highlight
  • The Student Version spells out each question and answer options - easy to add to lesson plans or turn in to a Supervisor

From your account: Click WORKSHEETS in any lesson with an Assessment to find both versions.


APRIL 2015

41 New Folk Songs in ClassPlay

These additions represent traditional folk songs from all over the world and are rich with activities that will help you bring them to life for your students.

They include:

  1. World-class recordings including student voices singing rounds and descants
  2. Over 25 activities for teaching arrangement with Orff instruments
  3. Cross-Curricular Connections to history, geography, health, science, writing, art, and more!
  4. Engaging Lyrics Pages
  5. More Hands-on Activities and LOADS of Printables

Here's a complete list of the new folk song additions:

A-Tisket, A-Tasket
Acka Backa
Al Citron
Alabama Gal
All the Pretty Little Horses
Bounce High
Doggie, Doggie
Draw Me a Bucket of Water
Four White Horses
Frog in the Meadow
Frog Went A-Courtin'
I's the B'y
Jim Along Josie
Lil' Liza Jane
Little Sally Water
Long-Legged Sailor
Looby Loo
Lucy Locket
Make New Friends
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
My Dog Rags
Oh, How Lovely
Old Joe Clark
Peas Porridge Hot
Pizza, Pizza, Daddy-O
Pop Goes the Weasel
Rain, Rain
Ring Around the Rosy
Scotland's Burning
Shoo, Fly!
Short'nin' Bread
Simple Gifts
Skin and Bones
The Muffin Man
There's a Hole in the Bucket
This Little Light of Mine
Weevily Wheat
Wind Up the Apple Tree

March 2015

New Show Notes Option in QBackBeat

Teaching rhythm with our QBackBeat Creative is a great introduction to notation. Now we're making it even easier to make that connection with the option to SHOW NOTES in QBackBeat.

Click the new SHOW NOTES button next to KIT LAB to see the rhythm notation that corresponds to the drum beats placed on the timeline

You'll also notice a single click on the down beat now fills two blocks - representing a quarter note. Click again to divide into eight notes, and again for sixteenth notes. The rests will fill in automatically to complete each measure.

We hope this is a change you can use right away in the classroom! Please let us know how it works for you.


February 2015

Upgrades to the Draw Tool!

With the DRAW TOOL - located in the Navigation Bar of any Curriculum lesson - you can easily draw on any screen even without an Interactive Whiteboard. This month we added the ability to save your markings to that particular screen! Click DRAW in any Curriculum screen to check it out.

Simply click SAVE when your drawing is complete and DRAW to close the toolbar. Now the same marks will be accessible the next time you access that screen - just click DRAW to pull them back up.

We've also added some functionality to the Blank Staff - available from the same DRAW menu in any lesson. You can now change the staff or time signature with one click, and drag and drop notes and rests onto the staff easily. Use the pen to draw bars to make eighth or sixteenth notes and SAVE your work as the staff graphic for that particular Curriculum screen every time you return!


Easy-to-Use Custom Quiz Builder!

We launched our Quiz Builder in December, but have been working this month to make it even more teacher-friendly. You can now set a default number of answers for each question when you first open a quiz - saving you lots of time adding individual answers to each question!

Try it out by going to Resource Manager on your School Bulletin Board:

  • Open a New Lesson or Custom Lesson in progress
  • Give this slide in your lesson a title and click OPEN QUIZ BUILDER
  • Give the Quiz a Title and select the number of questions and answers per question you'd like to complete
  • Click OK
  • Fill in the Quiz with your custom Questions and Answers
  • Be sure to click the Red X next to the correct answer choice to change it to a Green checkmark and indicate the correct answer
  • Change the number of answers on any single question from the SLIDE -> EDIT SLIDE menu
  • Click PUBLISH to save in your Lesson

January 2015

Simplified Teacher Administration Menu

We've removed the School Set Up and One Day Pass sections of your Administration tools to further simplify your teaching day and make managing your GradeBook easier than ever.

The School Set Up tab is no longer necessary as we collect that information from you at the time of order. The One Day Pass did serve a very important purpose - allowing you to give your students access to locked venues and mini-games.

The good news is - you no longer need that tool! We've changed the way the site is structured to mean...


More Free Features at

All educational features of the site are now unlocked for teacher and student accounts!

Students simply need to be enrolled in a class (via Teacher Administration) to unlock these features. Once students are enrolled in a class, they will no longer need QuaverNotes to access:

  • Style venues from the Metro
  • History venues from the Phone Box
  • Mini-Games in the QArcade
  • Additional creative elements in QSkits, QDancer, and all the Quaver creatives!

7th & 8th Grade Now Available!

The Projects in our 7-8 Grade Curriculum are now live for customers who've purchased them. These eight new projects join the existing 6th Grade set of six to complete our Q6-8 Curriculum.

Each project spans ten class sessions and can be adapted to fit any schedule. They will have students composing, playing instruments, using technology, making cross-curricular connections, & working together in groups for a presentation at the end of each project!

7th Grade Projects:

  • Latin Percussion
  • Composers in Music History
  • Music, Media, and Technology
  • Ukulele

8th Grade Projects:

  • Keyboards
  • Asian Percussion
  • Musical Styles
  • Giant Jam

Introducing the ClassPlay Toolbox!

A New ClassPlay Toolbox is now located on every Song Hub.

Inside you'll find resources useful for teaching ANY song - like an interactive Orff Instrument, Solfege Guide, and Melody Maker Screen!

The ClassPlay Toolbox also includes Four Orff Adventures Books - entertaining stories that highlight techniques for playing Orff Instruments such as:

  • Bouncing Mallets
  • Playing in the Center
  • Alternating Hands

Orff Adventure Books also include interactive screens for improvising your own rhythms and other extension activities throughout the story! Find the Toolbox in any ClassPlay song to check them out!


December 2014

Curriculum Customization

Powerful new customization tools allow you to create custom Quaver lessons from scratch - combining your favorite, time-tested resources with great Quaver content. Visit your Resource Manager to check it out:

To create a custom lesson in the Resource Manager:

  • Click NEW and LESSON to open a blank lesson
  • Search for items in the Library and DRAG AND DROP them into the lesson
  • Drag again to REORDER items easily
  • Easily ADD NEW SCREENS from outside the Quaver Curriculum with new and improved commands - YouTube, links, files, audio playlists, and even Custom Quizzes!

To create a Custom Quiz in a Custom Quaver Lesson:

  • Give your Quiz a title and OPEN QUIZ BUILDER
  • Add up to 4 answer blanks by clicking SLIDE and the EDIT SLIDE
  • Be sure to click the Red X next to the correct answer choice to change it to a Green checkmark and indicate the correct answer
  • ADD SLIDES and click PUBLISH to save in your Lesson

Experiment to your heart’s content, and come back to your Resource Manager to LAUNCH your custom lessons anytime!


Two New Mobile Features

We've introduced TWO new great ways to use mobile devices in your classroom.

You can now give Curriculum Assessments to Students via Mobile Devices!

  • Navigate to any Curriculum Lesson with an Assessment (every third lesson)
  • Activate MOBILE MODE on the Start Screen
  • Help students download the Free QStudent App for iOS or Android with a simple QR Code
  • Help students ENROLL in the correct class in your GradeBook with a short code
  • Administer the quiz while students record answers in their app
  • Collect answers automatically and check your GradeBook for grades and reporting instantly

We've also introduced our first set of 32 Quaver Mobile Interactives in the Quaver Curriculum!

These activities extend the teaching happening in the front of the classroom onto student devices for application and assessment! When you see a Mobile Tools Icon in the Curriculum Toolbar, click MOBILE to pull up a QR Code students can scan to access each Quaver Mobile Interactive on their device. Find a complete list of Mobile Interactives throughout the Curriculum here.


New and Upgraded ClassPlay Songs!

Log in to ClassPlay today to see 6 great new folks songs - complete with new activities for process-driven learning that you won't want to miss. You'll also want to revisit 6 of your favorite ClassPlay songs that have been upgraded with additional activities, games, and much more!

New Folk Songs:

  • Bow, Wow, Wow
  • John Kanaka
  • Bluebird
  • Charlie Over the Ocean
  • Eency Weency Spider
  • I Love the Mountains

Songs Upgraded with Additional Activities:

  • Buffalo Gals
  • Camptown Races
  • Great Big House in New Orleans
  • 5 Green and Speckled Frogs
  • Down in the Valley
  • Bought Me a Cat

Lyric Highlighting

We've also added an option to Highlight the Lyrics in over 40 ClassPlay songs and will be rolling it out to all songs in the future. Check out any of these new or updated songs to see the highlighting in action - just click the HIGHLIGHTING toggle to turn the feature on or off!

Recorder Practice Mode

Recorder songs in ClassPlay have now been outfitted with a new activity - RECORDER PRACTICE - which includes all the same features as our FULL SCORE activity but at a slower tempo. We hope this helps you teach students the song at a more comfortable speed before moving on to performance tempo! Find RECORDER PRACTICE around the hub of Recorder songs like Perry the Sheep.


New Notes Option in Make a Form, Play a Form

One of many teacher's favorite Quaver IWB Activities received an added feature this month. In Make a Form, Play a Form 3, you can now switch from Icons - the Ninjas and Golden Quavers that represent the rhythm of each form - to notation! Click NOTES or ICONS next to the play button to switch back and forth.

Search "Make a Form" in the Library and launch the Level 3 IWB to check it out, and learn more in this clip from our latest webinar!/p>


More Training is Here!

With all these new additions - you may be looking for some help. You can now dig even deeper into the Quaver Curriculum - including In-Depth courses on ClassPlay and Essentials - with Levels III and IV of our Professional Development Curriculum live in the Support Hub. Visit or click Support Hub on your Bulletin Board to check it out!


October 2014

A Better Streaming Video Experience

Last month we announced that all 30 video episodes are now streaming in your Online Quaver Classrooms. We hope you're ready for even more great video news!

Our Video Player now employs Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming - which means it will automatically adjust to the bandwidth you’re getting in your classroom. This will give you the highest quality video without interrupting playback. Less buffering - more learning!

Simply click the OPTIONS button in any Classroom Video Player to see your Video Options. The Player is set to automatically adjust, but you can also adjust the quality of the video manually, or click Video Statistics to see the actual bandwidth you're receiving at any time.

Click the square to the left of the Play controls to go to Full Screen.


Coming Soon to ClassPlay: Native American Songs

We're getting close to releasing some exciting songs to ClassPlay - Native American songs. We've recorded five new songs specifically for the state of Oklahoma, but will be sharing at least one of them with all ClassPlay users! Inside you'll find a full hub of resources to unpack the history, languages, instruments, and folklore of these rich Native American songs.

Quaver will tell you more about one of these- the Lakota Courting Song - in this Webinar Clip.


Introducing Musicals!

We’ve also added 4 fully-developed musicals to your Curriculum - one in each grade K-3.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to pull off a great production - scripts, rehearsal tools, downloadable production media, video demonstrations of movement suggestions, printable scores and guides, and so much more.

Quaver has been walking viewers through the Musical resources in this month's webinars. Catch up on the Production Resources and Rehearsal Tools in these clips.


September 2014

It's been a busy summer at Quaver HQ, with updates to all of our programs including:

Streaming Video Episodes in Essentials Classrooms

All 30 Video Episodes are now streaming in your Online Quaver Classrooms.

That's right. No need to scramble for your DVDs, when we've added a video player to every Classroom. Jump right to it from the top left option in any Classroom menu and click Play!


Additions to ClassPlay Menu:

In addition to new songs, ClassPlay™ got a bit of a facelift this summer with a new Main Menu featuring easy access to songs by Grade Level.

Plus - another hidden gem! Click the ClassPlay™ logo from this Main Menu for a fun introduction to each of the ClassPlay™ kids. You're students will love getting to know Susie Soprano and her friends.


Launch of 6th Grade Curriculum

We’ve released our 6th grade curriculum, an additional option now available for purchase. 

Our 6th grade curriculum is a great bridge between elementary and middle school years, with project-based sessions that engage middle grade students.

This is just the beginning of Q6-8, with 7th and 8th grade lessons coming later in the year.


Introducing the Support Hub

We are always looking for more ways to help YOU! In that spirit, we recently launched our new Support Hub located on the Teacher Bulletin Board.  Here you’ll find answers to all of your questions about using your programs, plus technical support. You'll also find our Professional Development Program.

Get training on Quaver programs from the comfort of your own favorite desk chair with video training modules and follow up activities from the Quaver team. You go at your own pace, and we’ve even included certificates to turn in for PD credit!

Visit or click Support Hub on your Bulletin Board to check it out!

June 2014

The Quaver Library now includes ALL the resources in the QK-5 Curriculum!

Click Resource Manager on your School Bulletin Board to check it out.

Enter a search term in the search field and explore the Quaver Program filters now located directly below the search field.

The Library will search through the Quaver resources YOU own to return all the results available to you. While the Library initially only included Essentials resources, it now includes every ClassPlay song and every screen in the complete QK-5 Curriculum! Click each Program to see results in that category - or click ADD FILTER to add additional filters like grade level or style of ClassPlay song.

When you find the resource you're looking for, you can click LAUNCH to open it as an independent screen or SELECT A LESSON first to go directly to that screen in any Curriculum lesson where it appears.

You can also drag and drop the resource into one of your Resource Manager folders for easy access when you need them.

From Curriculum screens to ClassPlay activities, to all the elements in the Essentials classrooms - every Quaver resource is now easy-to-find from this one central place.


Export your GradeBook data from

Teachers around the country have been clamoring for this functionality, and we are more than happy to deliver it now – maybe even just in time for end of the year grades!

With a simple click – you can now export the grades from any class of students as a printable PDF or as .csv data to upload to another program.

To easily export your GradeBook data:

  • Go to Teacher Administration
  • Click Update GradeBook
  • Select a Class
  • Click Download GradeBook
  • Choose For Print to see Gradebook Printout open in a new window
  • Choose .CSV Data File and designate where you’d like the file to download

April 2014

Introducing 14 New ClassPlay Songs!

Visit your Bulletin Board and click ClassPlay today to check out these new Folk and Spanish Language additions to your ClassPlay Song Library!

Mi Cuerpo
Mi Chacra
La Raspa

Down in the Valley
Bate, Bate, Chocolate

El Jarabe Tapatio
Home on the Range

Cielito Lindo
Oh, My Darling Clementine
Red River Valley
Great Big House in New Orleans

Wade in the Water
Turkey in the Straw
G Major Scale Song

March 2014

Introducing the Quaver Library and Resource Manager

Visit your Bulletin Board and click Resource Manager today to try these new tools right away!

From the Library: you can now search through the resources in every Online Quaver Classroom using keywords, quickly find the IWB Activity, Worksheet, or Audio File you need, and save it for a later time by filing it in one of your Custom Quaver Folders. Just drag and drop!

Your folders are stored in the Resource Manager, where you can access them any time, just the way you left them! Create new folders from the File menu and double click to view what's inside.

The Library currently houses ALL the resources in the Essentials portion of your Program, and we'll be adding Curriculum and ClassPlay elements in the future. Stay tuned!


Curriculum Customization is Live!

This feature allows you to take any lesson in the Quaver QK-5 curriculum and customize it by re-ordering and removing screens, and even adding your own personalized content!

  • Navigate to any Lesson in the Curriculum & Click the new CUSTOMIZE button to try it out!
  • See all the Elements in the Quaver Lesson, ready to customize!
  • Use the buttons on this page to Reorder or Remove Screens.
  • You can even Edit the Lesson Notes for new Screens so you'll have everything you need when you Launch your New Lesson.
  • Or Add New Screens with any of the resources you already own:
    • YouTube clips
    • Audio files
    • PDFs
    • Hyperlinks
    • Quaver checklists
  • Click SAVE, then give your new Lesson a Name, and a home in a Resource Manager Folder, and access it anytime from the MY CUSTOM LESSONS tab of your Lesson Selection Menu.

February 2014

Full Score Upgrades and Additions in ClassPlay!

We've begun rolling out new BIGGER Full Score pages throughout ClassPlay. We heard from teachers that the font size was a bit hard to read, so we've enlarged the font and improved the functionality of the Full Score page. Nearly half of the ClassPlay Scores have already been updated, and all will be complete soon!

We've also added a whole new way to view the Full Score with the Ostinatos Activity in Jumpin' Jacks. From the Ostinatos screen, K-2 students can more easily visualize and interact with all four parts of the song - Vocals, Woodblock, Drums, and Boomwhackers.

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