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Have you checked out “You-Nique” yet? This original Quaver song is a perfect social and emotional learning (SEL) song to incorporate in your teaching repertoire. Complete with brand new activities to guide you through the last few weeks of school, we’re excited to share this song with you. Let’s check it out!

Here are a few ways to use this resource:

Quaver users will find this song in ClassPlay, Resource Manager, and under Featured Resources

Sing Along with “You-Nique”

Follow the story of Sonder and learn the lyrics to this uplifting song. “You-Nique” celebrates individuality and what makes all of us unique. What makes your students “You-Nique?”

What’s Your Strength?

Use this activity to encourage students to identify their strengths. Maybe they are kind and good at spelling. Someone else might be friendly and good at music. Explain to students that we all have strengths, but we do not all have the same strengths. What strengths do they have that make them unique?

Celebrate Our Differences

Explore the ways that we are all different! Students can use the prompts to answer questions about their culture and family. Discuss with students what life would be like if everyone was the same. How would that make them feel?

What I’m Good At

Invite students to discuss what activities they are good at. What skills do they have that make them unique? Invite students to share their strengths with the class.