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Social and emotional learning has become an important part of the music classroom. With the help of Ms. Dolly Parton, Quaver teachers can now find an adorable SEL song titled “I Believe in You” in ClassPlay! Based on the story of “The Little Engine That Could,” the song, sung by Dolly Parton herself, encourages students with the idea that they can do anything and that “I believe in you!” Let’s check it out!

Here are a few ways to use this activity:

Teachers with access to ClassPlay will find the Lyrics activity by searching” I Believe in You”. Ideal for grades Pre-K through 1.

Encourage Classmates

Click the green play button to listen to the song. After singing it through as a class a few times, ask if any of the students have an ambition, such as a farmer or an astronaut. Sing the song again and have that student stand in the middle of a circle or at the front of the room. Have students sing the chorus to them, echoing the phrase, “I Believe in You!” Then, ask the student how it made them feel to have everybody believe in them.

The Engine in You

Supplement “I Believe in You” with a fun interactive screen called “The Engine in You!” Here, students can watch their friendly engine drive onto the page and read the questions that come out of his smoke funnel. There are three questions that repeat when NEXT is clicked, such as “Draw a picture of a job you would like to do when you get older.” Students can draw a simple picture using the interactive screen that answers the questions. You can also use the MOBILE option under TOOLS so students can draw on their individual iPads. Teachers will find this activity by searching “The Engine in You” in Resource Manager. Ideal for grades Pre-K through 1.