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Music is a fabulous tool to foster student development. “Show Me How You’re Feeling” teaches students how to express emotions and accept emotions in others. Sing your way to a happier and healthier classroom! Let’s check it out!

Here are a few ways to use this song:

Quaver users will find these activities on the “Show Me How You’re Feeling” Song Hub in ClassPlay or Resource Manager.

Express Emotion through Movement

Click the green play button to listen to the song. After singing it through as a class a few times, ask if anyone would like to show the class how they’re feeling. Use the movements in the song as examples. Students who are feeling silly can “wiggle like a worm.” Happy students can “hop like a bunny!” Can they express how they’re feeling with their own movement?

Understand the Emotions

Can your students recognize emotion by facial expressions and body language? Click the tabs to drag eyes, mouths, and more to HappyMan. Once they’ve created a face, students can compare their HappyMan emotions with the other preset faces by clicking the smiley face icon. See if students can describe the character’s emotions by his facial expression and body language. What kinds of feelings do we associate with tears? What feelings might a big smile indicate?

Label the Emotions

Select an emotion from the word wall to begin. Use the EMOTION TOGGLE to reveal the emotion names. You will then see each emotion name with its image. Discuss with your students why HappyMan might be feeling that emotion. What about the character’s face and body language makes him appear surprised? Or annoyed? By learning how to differentiate emotions, students can properly express their feelings!