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Music is a natural place to unpack the wide range of human emotions. Using the Happy song, Quaver has put together interactive exercises that will teach students how to recognize and understand emotions in others—as well as in themselves. What a great way to enhance Social and Emotional Learning skills! What new emotions might your students uncover? Let’s check it out!

Here are a few ways to use this activity:

Quaver users will find this activity on the “Happy” Song Hub.

Explore the Word Wall

Choose from over a dozen emotions on the word wall! Discuss with students what they might think each emotion means. How many do they recognize? Ask students if they remember when they’ve felt a certain emotion or seen it in others. Have they ever felt or seen someone else annoyed? Do they ever feel frustrated? Discussing emotions with students is a great way to enhance SEL skills.

Interpret Body Language

Can your students recognize emotion by facial expressions and body language? Select an emotion and use the left and right arrows on the screen. Go through the different emotion images. Make sure the EMOTION TOGGLE is set to HIDE. See if students can describe the character’s emotions by his facial expression and body language. What kinds of feelings do we associate with tears? What feelings might a big smile indicate?

Label the Emotions

Use the EMOTION TOGGLE to reveal the emotion names. You will then see each emotion name with its image. Discuss with your students why the character might be feeling that emotion. What about the characters’ face and body language makes him appear surprised? Or annoyed? By learning how to differentiate emotions, students can properly express their feelings!