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New research provides powerful evidence that every child should have the right to access music

The recently launched “Sounds of Intent in the Early Years” research report reveals that targeted music sessions for children in the early years…

What’s Missing in Today’s Music Education?

Media Planet for USA Today

There’s no doubt that music education has deepened in its importance and broadened in its impact, but there still remains room to expand the conversation...

Students play music via Smart Board

The N’West Iowa REVIEW

The days of musty old textbooks are a thing of the past for music students at South O’Brien Elementary…

Music education upstart Quaver pays $3.6 million for Music Row buildings; plans expansion

The Tennessean

Quaver Music, an under-the-radar Nashville company that creates digital music curriculum, is expanding on Music Row, buying two old houses that it does not plan to tear down...

My 6-year-old son returns to schools soon, will he be safe? | Opinion

The Tennessean

My oldest son turns 6-and-a-half on Monday and we celebrate with homemade lemon cake made in the Bellevue kitchen of Icy, the Jamaican lady who raised me.

When asked, he will tell you that Icy and her husband Clarence are the oldest people he knows.

The gap between 6-and-a-half and 90 is vast. Especially to small people. But to those of us somewhere in the middle, his half-birthday heralding the end of summer, seems to have come too soon…

Three Elloree Elementary Students selected for statewide elementary honor choir

The Times and Democrat

Beverly Parler-Rice lights up when she talks about how music has touched the children she’s taught over more than three decades.

Those children include three Elloree Elementary School fifth-graders who will be singing with the South Carolina Elementary Honor Choir this year…

Encouraging Interaction and Expression in Schools Helps Ensure Student Safety

Media Planet for USA Today

My son starts first grade this month. As he returns, news outlets from Wall Street to Main Street will feature policymakers talking about their support of school safety. They will report on the funding of more police officers, more locks and more cameras…

Achieving Diversity and Equity in Music Education

Media Planet for USA Today

In the Fargo, North Dakota school district where I serve as Performing Arts Curriculum Specialist, one-fourth of our students are refugees from around the world and are active members in our music programs because our district administrators have made equity and access a priority. Any student in need who desires to learn music is given the equipment and support to participate. Music classes are also a place of acceptance and community to students who need positive support…