October 8, 2019

As many of you are aware, there is growing concern in the music education community around teaching certain songs in the classroom. As a part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and responsiveness, we want to let you know Quaver is and has been fully attuned to these concerns.

In the past decade, we have worked with teachers and experts to evaluate and address songs identified as potentially culturally insensitive or possibly having a racist origin or adult theme. We have made adjustments to existing resources based on our continual review of our content.

We will continue to do our due diligence in this area. We are developing a company policy explaining the song evaluation process for inclusion in our curriculum. The policy will be made available on our website for comment, and we will continue to monitor the ongoing conversation.

Thank you, as always, for any feedback you may have. We value and welcome your opinions on this and other matters.