Welcome back, music teachers and students!

Can you believe it’s already August? While some of you are still enjoying summer vacation, others are zipping up their backpacks and getting back to school. Let’s take a look at some Quaver resources that will make that first day back in the classroom a breeze!

Transition to School with “The Four Seasons, No. 2, Op. 8, MVT. 3: Summer”

Have “The Four Seasons, No. 2, Op. 8, MVT. 3: Summer” playing as students enter the room for their first day of music class. You can even transition into the “Autumn” song if you want to keep it playing in the background. Discuss the musical elements of the song and what parts might have reminded them of their own summers. What are they looking forward to in autumn that they hear in the song? Check the NOTES for great movement activities associated with this piece.

Find these activities by searching “Summer” or “Autumn” in Resource Manager or ClassPlay

Summer Snapshots

Students are always eager to share about their summer adventures. Use these downloadable worksheets to encourage students to draw or write about their summer vacation. Did they see or play any music? What songs remind them of their summer break? This is a great icebreaker activity for the first day and can be used as a discussion tool!

Download these worksheets to print!

Learn Names with Song Brush

This activity focuses on responding to music and works on critical thinking skills. Before you begin, remind students of the following instructions:

“I will draw different names on the board and make music with those names. I am going to ask two of you to describe the music to the class. You cannot use the words good, bad, meh, cool, awesome, weird, or sweet.”

See what they come up with! You may not be able to get to every name in one period, but you could extend the activity over a couple of days, keeping track in your GradeBook, until you’ve completed every student’s name.

You could even start with having students write their own name to see how it sounds and get some ideas.

This is a great way for the class to learn names, as well as reinforce student names for you!

Find SongBrush in the Quaver Creatives menu on your Teacher Dashboard. Find SongBrush in the Quaver Creatives menu on your Teacher Dashboard. *Temporarily only available in the Flash-enabled experience.

We hope you have a smooth first couple of weeks and enjoy giving these resources a try in your classroom!


What are your favorite first week of school activities?


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