Are you having trouble finding the perfect song to use in your program or concert? Jessica Gartrell from Socrum Elementary in Florida uses the Creatives to compose her own songs for programs and beyond!

Take it away, Jessica!


Have you ever needed just ONE MORE perfect song for your students to sing in a program or concert? For me, the usual issue of choosing age-appropriate songs tends to stare me in the face.

Currently, I am planning a patriotic-themed K-2nd Grade concert. And here I am again with the same problem! But this time, I found THE song that will work for students in all three grade levels.

The only problem? It’s hasn’t been written yet. This is where the Creatives come in!

Let’s start with QGrooves:

How to access QGrooves:

  • Login to your Teacher (or Student!) Account
  • Click on the blue APPS tab at the bottom of Quaver Street
  • Select QGrooves from the Studio section

The first thing to do is to decide on a style for the song. Using the pre-written loops, arrange your song into a catchy yet simple chord progression. For my piece, I started with a keyboard foundation, added some synthesizer from R&B, and then finished it off with driving percussion in a Pop style. You can see the other style options in the middle of the screen under “Style.”

When you have completed the arrangement of your song, save your work by clicking FILE. Once your work is saved, you’ll want to create an MP3 track to turn your work into a play-along track. Click FILE again and select MAKE MP3.

In my case, I named this MP3 “America 1.” Wait a few seconds, and a bubble will appear that says your MP3 is available for download! It’s that easy!


Now, let’s head over to QStrum to add another layer to our piece! Use the APPS tab to navigate back to the Creatives menu to choose QStrum.

Underneath the playback control icons, you’ll see a prompt saying “Click here to load a Play-Along Track!”

Not only is your Play-Along track going to play along with whatever guitar strums you add to your new song, but the chord progression you came up with in QGrooves is now visible above the measure numbers. Talk about awesome!

Now, select the type of guitar and/or bass you want to use. It might be a little  tricky to find a strum pattern that works with your play-along, but stick with it!

After you’ve rocked out with some guitar, there is an important step in SAVING your new Play-Along. Save it as you did before, however, make sure you check “yes” when asked to include your Play-Along in the MP3.


QComposer and Beyond:

QComposer is another handy composing tool! In my original song, I chose to add simple piano accompaniment to certain sections. I opened QComposer and added some piano flare to my tribute to America!

When you’re happy with your piece, select DOWNLOAD NOW and save your song as an mp3 to your desktop. I recommend playing the instrumental track from your computer and writing down the lyrics for your students to follow along with!

Here are the lyrics to my original piece:



And Boom-Chicka-Boom! You have the song you’ve been dreaming of for your program.

You can listen to the finished version of “We Will Sing of America” here!


There are so many awesome ways to incorporate the Creatives in your classroom! I strongly recommend dedicating a rainy afternoon or two to just explore the capabilities of this awesome resource. Once your students hear your composition in action, they’ll be itching to compose their own great masterpiece!

Happy Composing!


Will you use any of Jessica’s tips for your next program?  

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