Have a question for the Quaver Team? Skip the phone call and save precious teaching time! Check Quaver’s Frequently Asked Questions list below to see if your question could be answered. From tech troubles to QuaverNotes, we’ve got you covered!

I'm having technology troubles!

Technology isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have to ruin your class!

Check out these helpful tips for combating technology issues. 

Bandwidth and Internet screening/blocking programs used by schools and districts can cause a myriad of issues. You might log in one day to find something that was working the day before is now freezing up. and the change was most likely on your school network or device.

When this happens, we recommend using the Tech Checkup in the Quaver Support Hub to identify any obvious issues! You can get there easily by visiting: www.QuaverMusic.com/TechCheckup and clicking QUAVER TECH CHECKUP in the menu.

You can also contact the Quaver Customer Service Team by calling 866-917-3633 or emailing info@quavermusic.com for immediate tech assistance.

What training materials are available to me?

As a Quaver user, you have access to ongoing video training and education that is available 24/7 online

Our Professional Development program is adaptable to suit district needs, whether on-site, online or on-demand. With an active staff of full-time and part-time trainers, we can ensure our customers fully understand and utilize their Quaver curriculum resources. Find out more about our PD program and training opportunities.

Additionally, each semester, we host Digital Training Sessions from our studio in Nashville, Tennessee. These video trainings allow teachers spread across the globe to receive up-to-date training at their own pace – starting and stopping to apply what they’ve learned with suggested activities. Regular Quaver Webinars can also be accessed online to keep users connected to each other and the Quaver team. Find out how to access webinars and when they’re available.

Can I download or request mp3 files for a program/performance?

Yes you can! Requests for specific songs can be sent to songrequests@quavermusic.com or your QuaverMusic Sales Rep!

As part of an active license for Quaver Resources, licensed users can request downloads of certain MP3 files for use only in rehearsals and live school-related performances. MP3 files for all songs in the Quaver Musicals can be downloaded from the website, subject to certain restrictions. Other MP3 files can be requested for Quaver original songs and for all public domain songs in our catalog. Not available for download are all copyrighted songs that Quaver has licensed for streaming purposes only.

These songs include:

Lean on Me
What a Wonderful World
The Syncopated Clock
Carnival of the Animals
Peter and the Wolf
Frosty the Snowman
Winter Wonderland
Jambo Bwana
Georgia on My Mind
Rocky Top

Once downloaded, the MP3 files can be used in school performances, but remain the property of QuaverMusic.com. Upon the termination of the Quaver Resources License, the licensed user agrees to delete all MP3 files that have been downloaded. Moreover, the licensed user agrees not to copy or share these files with any other persons or organizations.

I'm not receiving emails from Quaver, what do I do?

If you have not been receiving emails from QuaverMusic, but you would like to, please contact Maura@QuaverMusic.com.

I'm interested in purchasing Quaver resources. Where can I find pricing information?

Quaver resources are sold via a license to specific online resources for a set number of years. Follow this link for pricing on supplemental programs, or talk to a Quaver Rep about curriculum pricing. When you’re ready to place an order, our How to Buy instructions are just a click away!

We submitted a PO, where's my order?

QuaverMusic is used in more than 6,000 schools. Please be patient as we process your PO. Once your PO has been processed, you will receive a QuaverCode from your Quaver Rep. That code is the key to unlocking all of your Quaver Resources!

I never received my Unplugged Kit.

Unplugged Kits are included with your purchase of a 5-year license. Please contact JasonG@QuaverMusic.com if you have not received yours in the mail.

I received an overdue payment notice.

Contact your Quaver Rep today to make sure your financial information is current. Click here to find your rep.

I'm a new teacher at ______ and I need a code.

Welcome to our Qmunity! Please contact our Customer Service Team at info@quavermusic.com or 866-917-3633 so we can update your school’s information and send you a QuaverCode

My access code doesn't work.

Please contact our Customer Service Team at info@quavermusic.com or 866-917-3633 to verify your access code.

Help! My access is locked out.

Uh-oh! It looks like your access may have expired. Click here to not lose access to your Quaver Resources

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