Time is one of the most precious resources for today’s music educators. 

Especially when it comes to assessing each and every students on a multitude of concepts and skills. Digital assessments have become a helpful tool for busy teachers making the most of limited class time. Quaver’s Custom Quiz Builder allows teachers to take this one step further–customizing their digital assessments to suit their specific needs. With a question bank of 2,500+ questions and many customization options, assessments just got much easier, faster, and more effective!

Let’s dive in to this time-saving tool:

To create a Custom Quaver Quiz:

  • Log in to your QuaverMusic.com account and navigate to the Resource Manager via the Teacher Tab
  • Open a New Lesson or Custom Lesson in progress
  • Click NEW in the top menu bar
  • Select LESSON SCREEN from the dropdown menu
  • Click CUSTOM QUIZ to open the Custom Quiz
  • Title the quiz and get ready to create

The Quiz Builder is divided into two sections. To the left you’ll find the Quaver Quiz Bank. This bank holds more than 2,500 assessment questions from throughout Quaver’s curriculum resources. These are easy to filter, search, and use right away.You can also auto-build a quiz here based on any grade level or keyword. Another great time-saving tool!

To the right, you’ll find your quiz customization tools. Here, you can either create a question from scratch or edit a question from the quiz bank.

To search the Quiz Bank:

  • Click SEARCH QUIZ BANK to see ALL the questions in the question bank
  • Enter any keyword in the ADD KEYWORD field at the top of the Quiz Bank
  • Press ENTER or click ADD. Pressing enter will run the search automatically. ADD will add it to your search criteria and wait to search until you click SEARCH QUIZ BANK!

Once your search results roll in, you can click any question to preview it. The correct answer will be checked. You’ll also notice icons for questions that have audio or graphics inside.

When you’re ready to add it to your quiz, just drag and drop.

Time-Saving Tip: We know that as music teachers, your time is valuable! You can narrow your search and filter by grade. Simply click the grade from the dropdown and click SEARCH QUIZ BANK.


How to Auto-Build a Quiz:

For even more speedy quiz making, try our automation option! Clicking AUTO-BUILD will randomly generate questions from the search criteria you already selected. Using auto-build you can generate anywhere from 1-30 questions.

Auto-build is most useful when broadly assessing a concept.

But that’s not all….!

No two classes are alike. Neither are their quizzes! Our Quiz Builder features many customization options to better suit your needs.

Easily  rearrange question order:

  • Click and hold the title of the question and drag.
  • Drop the question to deposit in its new home!

Add your own questions from scratch:

  • Simply click ADD NEW, add text, two answers, and you’re ready to go!

These are all great ways to make the Quaver questions work for you.  And don’t worry, you aren’t making any permanent changes to the Quaver Question Bank. This only adjusts the copy of the question in your quiz. You can find the original again anytime using those handy search features.

To save your Custom Quiz:

  • Click the green SAVE button
  • Find your quiz in the folder it was created in
  • You can return anytime to edit the quiz
  • You can also search for it in Resource Manager or in the Custom Content section of your Library

Our Custom Quiz Builder QTorial gives a great in-depth look at creating your Custom Quiz. It also dives into using the quiz to assess students. An incredibly helpful resource, right at your fingertips!

It’s easier than ever to assess students YOUR way! Custom Quiz Builder makes assessments easy and dare we say, fun!


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  • February 9, 2018 at 5:19 pm

    Can I assign a custom quiz to my students? It’s not showing up in the list of assessments.

  • September 18, 2018 at 11:59 am

    Can I assign a custom quiz to my students? It’s not showing up in the list of assessments.

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