QuaverMusic’s Fall Quarterly Update is now live!

Inside, Quaver teachers will find amazing new content. This includes an impressive batch of new songs! See a complete list here. 

Today we’re zooming in on four of these new songs. What makes these four so special? Each song encourages and celebrates movement in an engaging way. These movement activities will help focus your students. They promote physical activity, coordination, and a tangible connection to musical concepts.

Let’s explore the easy-to-implement movement activities in these new ClassPlay songs:

How to access these ClassPlay Activities:

For users with access to: Curriculum & ClassPlay

  1. Visit QuaverMusic.com and log into your Teacher Account
  2. Click the TEACHER Tab
  3. Click the ClassPlay icon, located on the Teacher Dashboard
  4. Type one of the song titles above into the search bar
  5. Open the Lyrics activity from the Song Hub


1) Built-In Choreography in “Monster Groove”

Have you heard Quaver’s newest original Halloween song? Wave your hands; stomp your feet; just try not to groove to this monster beat! This song has students mimicking the characters’ dance movements. The dance is easy, fun, and great for older students. “Monster Groove” keeps students moving while they follow the lyrics. It’s a win-win!


2) Feel the Changing Tempo in “Whether the Weather”

This original Quaver Pre-K song encourages movement and tempo changes! Students will splash in a puddle, stomp like a dinosaur, and more! Perfect for younger students, “Whether the Weather” encourages focus with guided movements. As the tempo gets increasingly faster, students expel energy while singing along!

3) Energetic Circle Game in “Oats and Beans and Barley Grow”

Looking for a fun game to play with older students? This folk song from England gets students singing and moving!

How to Play:

  1. Have students stand in a circle with hands joined
  2. Select one student to be the “Farmer.” Have them stand in the center of the ring
  3. As Verse 1 plays, students in the circle walk left. The Farmer in the middle walks in the opposite direction
  4. As Verse 2 begins, all students act out the words and mimic the characters’ movements
  5. During Verse 3, students in the circle walk right, while the Farmer selects a partner
  6. During Verse 4, the Farmer and their chosen partner link opposite elbows. Then, they swing around in the middle of the circle
  7. Students in the circle stomp and clap along to the steady beat
  8. The game begins again with a new Farmer


4) Move, Groove, and Play Along to “Miami”

With a fun Latin beat, this Quaver original will have students dancing! Students can also follow along with the notes and rhythms. They can even use percussion instruments to do so! Add an extra element of movement by using body percussion.

Teacher Tip: Encourage improvisation! Can students choreograph their own dance to this song? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Split students into groups. Then, assign each group to come up with one movement. Put them altogether and you’ve got a smooth Latin dance!



How will you use these activities to keep your students engaged?

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