QuaverMusic’s Fall Quarterly Update is now live!

Inside, Quaver teachers will find amazing new content! See a complete list here. 

Today we’re digging into one of our new original pop tunes, “Eureka!” This song highlights inventors and the creative process—a wonderful foundation for STEAM learning. It also includes two brand-new cross-curricular ClassPlay screens!

Let’s dive in to these benefit-rich ClassPlay activities:

How to access “Eureka!”:

For users with access to: Curriculum & ClassPlay

  1. Visit QuaverMusic.com and log into your Teacher Account
  2. Click the TEACHER Tab
  3. Click the ClassPlay icon, located on the Teacher Dashboard
  4. Type “Eureka!” into the search bar
  5. Access all activities from the Song Hub


1) “Eureka!” Lyrics

Have students listen and sing along with “Eureka!” using our LYRICS activity. This song is ideal for grades 3-6. Introduce students to some of the greatest scientists and inventors throughout history. Learn about Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, and more! The lyrics discuss how these pioneers persevered until they created new discoveries. How might your students use determination to change the world.


2) Make Your Own Lyrics

Storytelling is great for developing students’ literacy skills in the music room! Make Your Own Lyrics invites students to write their own version of “Eureka!” Select EXAMPLE 1 or EXAMPLE 2 to view suggested lyric changes. Use the DRAW tool to fill in the BLANK section with their ideas.

3) Eureka! Inventors

Easily connect music to history with our Eureka! Inventors activity! Students can learn more about each of the inventors in the song. Each of the 10 frames includes a fun fact about one inventor. Did you know that Archimedes shouted “Eureka!” when he discovered water displacement? Or that Edison held the world record for the most U.S patents for 80 years? This activity promotes STEAM learning as students discover scientific history, technology, and more!


Teacher Tip: Encourage students to do some research on their own! Have them pick a favorite inventor from the song or activity. Where were they born? What else did they invent? What is their greatest contribution to science? The STEAM learning doesn’t have to stop with just these activities!



How will you use these activities to promote STEAM learning in your classroom?

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