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November 5, 2019November 2019 Webinar
December 3, 2019December 2019 Webinar

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September 11, 2017Creating, Composing, and Using Portfolios in General Music
October 9, 2017Building Performing and Presenting Skills through Programs, Large or Small
November 6, 2017Listen Close: Ideas for Enhancing Responding Skills in Upper Elementary
December 11, 2017The Music Connection: Arts Integration Across All Subjects
February 12, 2018Ideas inspired by Orff Schulwerk
March 12, 2018Vocal Development in the Classroom
April 9, 2018Ideas inspired by the Kodály Philosophy of Music Education
August 6, 2018August 2018 Digital Training Day
September 11, 2018It Starts with Music: Cross-Curricular Connections
October 9, 2018It Starts with Music: Literacy
November 13, 2018It Starts with Music: Classroom Management
December 11, 2018It Starts with Music: Social and Emotional Learning
January 15, 2019Spring 2019 Training: All About Assessments
February 13, 2019Meaningful Assessments: Performance
March 12, 2019Meaningful Assessments: Portfolios
April 9, 2019Meaningful Assessments: Planning and Practice
August 7, 2019August 2019 Digital Training Day
August 29, 2019August 2019 QuaverSEL Webinar
September 3rd, 2019September 2019 Webinar: Student Interactives (Active Music Making)
October 1st, 2019October 2019 Webinar: Active Music-Making: Choral Resources

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