Image compilation showing multiple scenes of innovative Quaver technology being used in classrooms.

Advanced Online Development, Delivery, and Integration

Cloud-Based ArchitectureTechnology ManagementSystems CapabilityData Integrations

Cloud-Based Architecture

Sophisticated Content Delivery Network to support worldwide customer base

Quaver’s cloud-based Content Delivery Network employs hundreds of edge servers to minimize Internet delay times (latency) in distributing media-rich content. This ensures a more responsive network, a more reliable environment, and the most updated content available for our growing community of over 6,500 schools.

A diagram showing Quaver Music's sophisticated, cloud based content delivery network.

Technology Management

Practical solutions for any combination of classroom and student technology

From 1:1 tablets to Chromebooks and everything in between, today’s music classroom is digital – and Quaver has the functionality to help teachers easily manage every technology scenario.

A picture of a tablet using one of Quaver's practical solutions for technology management in the music classroom.

Systems Capability

Full-time in-house systems department develops and supports Quaver website

An online music curriculum requires a significant level of technical support. With over 60 employees in one central office dedicated solely to our customers, the Quaver team is qualified and capable of providing these additional services.

A picture of a Quaver Music System employee hard at work supporting the

Data Integrations

Dedicated team provides custom Quaver Learning Management System, Single Sign On options, and student rostering integration

As a cutting-edge music education company with a digital product, we offer a variety of different levels and methods for integrating with your district’s technology. Learn more about integrating with Quaver below!

A graphic representation of available Quaver Music data integrations.