Innovative Technology

Advanced Online Development, Delivery, and Integration

Cloud-Based ArchitectureTechnology ManagementSystems CapabilityData Integrations

Cloud-Based Architecture

Sophisticated Content Delivery Network to support worldwide customer base

Quaver’s cloud-based Content Delivery Network employs hundreds of edge servers to minimize Internet delay times (latency) in distributing media-rich content. This ensures a more responsive network, a more reliable environment, and the most updated content available for our growing community of over 6,500 schools.

Quaver CDN

Technology Management

Practical solutions for any combination of classroom and student technology

From 1:1 tablets to Chromebooks and everything in between, today’s music classroom is digital – and Quaver has the functionality to help teachers easily manage every technology scenario.

Technology Management

Systems Capability

Full-time in-house systems department develops and supports Quaver website

An online music curriculum requires a significant level of technical support. With over 60 employees in one central office dedicated solely to our customers, the Quaver team is qualified and capable of providing these additional services.

In House Capabilities

Data Integrations

Dedicated team provides custom Quaver Learning Management System, Single Sign On options, and student rostering integration

As a cutting-edge music education company with a digital product, we offer a variety of different levels and methods for integrating with your district’s technology. Learn more about integrating with Quaver below!

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