Full-time in-house systems department develops and supports Quaver website

An online music curriculum requires a significant level of technical support. With over 60 employees in one central office dedicated solely to our customers, the Quaver team is qualified and capable of providing these additional services.

Customer Service

The Quaver Customer Service Team provides world-class Customer Care and Technical Support of the digital curriculum through multi-faceted customer service – online, via telephone, and via video chat. Our Live Person Hotline Support can be reached at (866) 917-3633, Monday through Friday between the hours of 7am and 6pm Central Time. We also encourage you to visit our automated Support Hub that hosts online video tutorials and allows teachers to self-diagnose issues such as bandwidth or pop-up blockers and suggests solutions based on their responses.

Ongoing Training

A digital curriculum must be supported by a professional, multi-layered, and responsive customer support system. The Quaver team meets this need through ongoing, accessible support to both teachers and IT staff. We can customize a training program to suit your district needs over the course of your license.

Quaver Teacher Training

District Consulting

As Quaver has grown as a company, we have developed specialized skills and knowledge that benefit elementary and middle school music programs and districts all over the United States. One of these areas is curriculum customization and consulting. We have collaborated with many districts to align their standards to our curriculum resources and to customize their online curriculum to better meet their specific needs. We also have significant experience helping supervisors manage teachers across districts large and small!

Development Services

QuaverMusic.com and all our curriculum resources are developed and maintained by a team of in-house systems developers that are solely dedicated to our single mission.

This means we can offer services to exceed our customer’s expectations, including:

  • Quarterly updates to content and functionality to reflect advances in music education/changes in standards
  • Nightly student data exchanges to keep teacher’s data up to date
  • Other technical assistance including Single Sign On capabilities and resolving customer technical issues

QuaverMusic has partnered with Project Unicorn to improve data interoperability within K-12 education.