Just in time for the new school year, your Quaver account has been upgraded!

In the weeks that follow, we’ll provide more detail and training on each of these important updates, starting with Monday’s Digital Training Day:

  1. Ability to Choose Flash or Non-Flash Version
  2. Activity Updates and Enhancements
  3. Brand New Professional Development Program
  4. New ClassPlay™ Format and Content
  5. New Creatives for Younger Students
  6. New Lesson Summary Screen
  7. New Assignment Builder
  8. New Rubric Builder
  9. New Screen Type for Recording Performances
  10. New Attendance App
  11. Messaging Capability
  12. Student Importer

If you’re a Quaver user, you don’t have to do anything to see these features! You’ll find them already active in your QuaverMusic.com teacher account.

1) A Streamlined User Experience

Ability to Choose Flash or Non-Flash Version

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay™, & Essentials

On August 3, 2018, you and your students will be presented with an option to use QuaverMusic.com with or without Adobe Flash. At login, select Quaver Street to access the classic QuaverMusic.com experience and follow the prompts in your browser to allow Flash. Or select the Quaver Dashboard to continue to the new experience without Flash. Learn more about each experience here. 

It’s up to you which one you choose. The teacher and student dashboards are identical, and both options include access to new, Creative Lite applications. The Non-Flash experience will not include access to the games, contests, and classic creatives accessed from the Quaver Street. This content will be available without Flash by the Summer of 2019.

Activity Updates and Enhancements

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay™, & Essentials

As we revisited all 6,500+ resources in the Quaver Library, we also made some updates to the look and functionality along the way! For example, you’ll notice classic activities like Staff Champion got a facelift while ClassPlay’s Solfège/Rhythm activity now includes a Student Toolbox. You can now select which hand or hands to use when asking the ClassPlay Kids to demonstrate the Curwen hand signs. As you encounter activities with a new look, check the Notes for added functionality, too!

Brand New Professional Development Program

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay™, & Essentials

With new content comes new training! This year, we are revamping our Professional Development Curriculum to accompany these new features. Visit our new knowledge base at Help.QuaverMusic.com or click the new “Quaver PD” icon on your Teacher Dashboard to find over a dozen training courses. These courses will walk you step-by-step through your Quaver resources. You’ll also find these videos throughout the site. Click HELP wherever you see it, and select the “Video Training” option for help related to the screen where you’re working.

2) Optimized Content

New ClassPlay™ Format and Content

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay™

Much like your returning 5th grade boys, ClassPlay™ changed a lot this summer! We’ve streamlined the look and navigation to make the songs you know and love even easier to use. Select a song from the song list and notice the song’s activities surround it in one easy-to-navigate view. The new ClassPlay™ home page also features updated search tools and easy access to the full menu of Teacher Toolbox activities and Student Interactives. As an added bonus, each activity opens in a new window so you never have to worry about losing your place again!

New Creatives for Younger Students

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay™, & Essentials

We’ve simplified three of your favorite Quaver Creatives to better scaffold the learning experience. These new “lite” activities serve as great learning tools for younger students who may need a more simple introduction to composing. Click CREATIVES on your Teacher Dashboard to check out QComposer Lite, QBackBeat Lite, and QGrooves Lite. You’ll also find many activities powered by these Lite Creatives throughout your Curriculum Lessons.

New Lesson Summary Screen

For users with access to: Curriculum

All Lesson Summary Screens now include a tile-view option for a more efficient way of organizing your lessons!

3) Enhanced Functionality

Easy-To-Use Student Assignment Builder

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay™, & Essentials

Your Resource Manager now features a powerful Student Assignment Builder. Create a sequenced assignment just as you would a lesson, using any Quaver or custom content in your library. This means you can distribute resources such as lyrics pages or recorder scores to your students, along with custom assessments and much more. Assignments can be distributed to a single student or groups of students with just a few clicks. Students can then access the assignment in their student account in the classroom or at home, and submit their work to you for grading.

New Evaluation Tools

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay™, & Essentials

This release also includes two powerful evaluation tools: Custom Rubrics and Video Capture Screens.

Rubrics have always been an important tool in the music teacher’s toolbox. Quaver teachers can now create customized rubrics in Resource Manager. They can then use that rubric as an evaluation tool in the grading process. Give it a try and let us know what you think about this added functionality!

In addition, you can now collect video evidence of student performance in the classroom or at home with our Video Capture Screen. You might even use a rubric to evaluate their performance! Both Rubric and Video Capture Screens can be added to an Assignment in the Resource Manager.

New Attendance App

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay™, & Essentials

Your Teacher Administration tools also got a major facelift this summer. Along with a new look, Teacher Admin now includes Attendance tracking functionality, Messaging between teacher and student(s), and the ability to score assignments with a customizable Rubric.

New Messaging Capability

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay™, & Essentials

You now have the option to message your students right from Teacher Admin! Teachers can converse with students in the context of an assignment to answer questions, give comments, and more.

Student Importer

For users with access to: Curriculum, ClassPlay™, & Essentials

Our new Student Importer allows you to enter student data in one location. The Importer will create all of your student accounts and enroll them in your Quaver classes for you


Ready to dig in? Stay tuned to the blog for a more in-depth review of each feature in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Which new feature are you most excited about?

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