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Passion and Expertise to Serve Today’s Music Educators

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Quaver Philosophy

Quaver brings Seriously Fun Teaching and Learning to the music classroom

Quaver resources are SERIOUS because the content is academically sound and the lessons address grade-appropriate concepts that meet state and national standards. But beyond that, it’s FUN! Teachers enjoy teaching with Quaver resources and their students are motivated to learn! This leads to more energetic classrooms, greater student retention, rejuvenated music programs, and a lifelong love of music in students around the globe!

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Standards Compliance

Aligned to national and state music standards

Quaver lessons are completely aligned to National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS). These are embedded in the lessons in each grade to create a comprehensive General Music curriculum. In addition to identifying the standards met in each lesson, as seen in this Kindergarten lesson plan, we have included the Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions and tied them to each related artistic focus (creating, performing, responding, connecting) for each grade.

A screenshot of a Quaver music lesson standards compliance section.

Teaching Pedagogies

Incorporates strategies from Kodály, Orff, MLT, and more!

Quaver has content for each pedagogy spread throughout our standard curriculum resources. In addition, our Song-Based Lessons are structured to embrace specific approaches to music education. Each lesson revolves around a folk song or particular theme and includes opportunities for student-directed learning.

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Contributing Authors

Accomplished experts from all corners of the music education community

The highly qualified, dedicated Quaver staff creates and maintains our curriculum, all overseen by our content department. This department works extensively with accomplished music educators from various musical disciplines. This team includes over 70 esteemed educators in positions of authority and/or respect within the Orff, Kodály, Gordon Music Learning Theory, Elementary and General Music communities.

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Music-Based Learning™

Places music at the center of a strong PreK-8 curriculum

Quaver Music Curriculum Resources highlight the natural connections between music and subjects like reading/language arts, history, geography, math, and science – with an added emphasis on life skills like teamwork and cooperation.

A graphic showing how Quaver places music at the center of a strong Pre-K-8 curriculum.

Child Development/SEL

Supports the development of the whole child through music

Quaver Music strongly believes that the music classroom provides the appropriate environment for childhood development. From singing/playing in unison to practicing self-expression through musical composition, music education helps develop children in all areas: social, emotional, cognitive, character, and physical.

A graphic showing how Quaver supports the development of the whole child through music.