Incorporates strategies from Kodály, Orff, MLT, and more!

Quaver has content for each pedagogy spread throughout our standard curriculum resources. In addition, our Song-Based Lessons are structured to embrace specific approaches to music education. Each lesson revolves around a folk song or particular theme and includes opportunities for student-directed learning.

Quaver Music pedagogy methods
kodaly pedagogy

Kodály Resources

In each Kodály-inspired lesson we use a traditional folk song to help develop understanding of melodic and rhythmic concepts in three stages – Introduce, Identify, and Implement. Each stage is represented by a complete lesson sequence, and combines singing, rhythm, movement, critical thinking, and aural skills to help students discover fundamental musical concepts in a fun, pedagogically sound and interactive way.

Orff Resources

Our Orff-inspired lessons encourage creativity! Each lesson allows teachers to lead students through the transition of speech, to body, to instrument – a fundamental learning process of Orff Schulwerk. Our Orff lessons also have lots of great cross curricular connections such as poems that promote reading and literacy!

Orff pedagogy
MLT pedagogy

Music Learning Theory Resources

Our Music Learning Theory-inspired lessons develop strong musicians by introducing songs in a variety of tonalities. Activities using tonal and rhythm patterns are designed to support audiation and independent musical thought.