Support the development of the whole child through music

At QuaverMusic, we believe strongly that the music classroom is an ideal environment for development of the whole child. From singing/playing in unison to practicing self-expression through musical composition, music education helps develop children in all areas: social, emotional, cognitive, character, and physical.

Child Development

Now Offering Music-Based SEL Resources

After years of helping teach skills in the music classroom, we’ve developed an approach that uses music to develop a different set of skills: those related to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). New in 2019, the QuaverSEL Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum uses the power of music to address core SEL skills in every elementary classroom. Even without a music background, classroom teachers will find the chants, songs, raps, jingles, and musical stories in QuaverSEL engage their students and reinforce social and emotional skill development, all with the Seriously Fun quality you’ve come to love from QuaverMusic.