Crowdfunding websites make it easy to collect small donations online, and many small donations can add up quickly!

You will need to promote your crowdfunding “campaign” on Facebook, and ask parents and supporters to share with their own friends. Relatives and friends-of-friends are often happy to contribute to a child’s musical success! Discover some of the ways that crowdfunding has helped Quaver teachers around the globe!


  • One of the world’s largest social fundraising platforms – easy to use for you and your supporters!
  • Over $3 billion raised with a community of more than 25 million donors.
  • Teacher Tip: GoFundMe does not penalize you for missing your goal, but they do keep processing fees. Pay attention to information about fees.

How to raise money on a crowdfunding website:

  • Create a campaign on the website. This will be pretty easy – you are led through the process step-by-step!
  • Promote your campaign. If you are allowed to contact parents via email – great! You can email them a link to your campaign, and ask them to share the link on their own social media pages. The bulk of your effort will be to promote your campaign through email, Facebook posts, or even flyers that students take home. Again – share! Share! Share!
  • Your hard work pays off. When your project is funded, funding is released to you. Note: Each website has its own rules about how and when funding is awarded. Some crowdfunding sites may require that your campaign be fully funded to receive the funds at all. Some crowdfunding sites keep a percentage of the funds as their commission, and others do not.
  • Be sure to say thanks! When the campaign is over, it’s important to let donors know about the impact they made and how their money was spent.
  • Tell me more! Crowdfunding sites have lots of tips and ideas to help you make the most of your campaign. GoFundMe’s 25 Tips and Tricks for Sharing Your GoFundMe Campaign.