Get Creative!

Beyond cookie dough and candles, there are countless ways to raise money for your music program. Get creative and consider these alternative fundraising opportunities.

Alternative Fundraising Opportunities:

  • Parent Organization: Consider what your PTO/PTA can do for you. Contact us for a sample presentation to educate them on Quaver’s cross-curricular benefits, improved student retention, and more.
  • Technology/Media Budget: Make the IT guy your new best friend. As an online curriculum resource, funds from Technology or Media budgets have successfully been used to purchase Quaver resources.
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Ask your local car dealership, dentist, or fast food restaurant to donate. You can say thanks by adding their logo to tickets to your next musical program! Your regional grocery store chain may offer fundraising programs, such as Publix Partners or Kroger Community Rewards.
  • Events: Host a “Restaurant Night” – Panera Bread®, McDonald’s®, Uno®, and many other chain restaurants will host a “Fundraising Night” for your organization. You can promote the event and drive customers to the restaurant, and in exchange, your program keeps a percentage of the profits!
  • Grants: Think beyond fundraising! We also offer information on finding grants and tips on writing grant proposals. Visit our grants resources to learn more.

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