In October of 2017, our Quarterly Update included:

  • 14 Boom-Chicka Brilliant New ClassPlay Songs—including Holiday, Folk, and Contemporary titles
  • Two New Cross-Curricular ClassPlay Screens Focused on STEAM Learning
  • Game-Changing Improvements to Quaver’s Custom Quiz Builder—now with over 2,500 Questions!
  • PLUS a Beautiful Redesign of our Student Assessment Taker


14 Boom-Chicka-Brilliant New ClassPlay Songs

Your wish for a batch of wonderful new songs has been granted! Teachers now have access to 14 new songs in ClassPlay—including “Frosty Weather,” “Monster Groove,” and “Eureka!” This varied collection includes brand new Holiday songs, Folk songs, and even Contemporary songs like Pharrell Williams’ “Happy!” All songs include Lyrics and Printables and most also feature a Full Score.

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Two New Cross-Curricular ClassPlay Screens

Cross-curricular connections are easy to make with the new Quaver original song: “Eureka!”

“Eureka!” highlights inventors and the creative process—a wonderful foundation for STEAM learning. Search for these two screens in Resource Manager to learn more.

  1. “Eureka! Inventors” connects music to history by highlighting inventors including Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers.

  2. “Make Your Own Lyrics”invites students to rewrite the words of “Eureka!” Literacy challenge: accepted!

Quaver’s Powerful Custom Quiz Builder

This release also includes major upgrades to our Custom Quiz Builder. To start, we’ve made it easier to create and customize your questions. We’ve also added a searchable question bank of 2,500+ questions! This feature allows you to auto-generate questions based on keywords and grade. You can also customize questions to suit your teaching needs! Finally, we’ve made it easier to distribute your custom quiz in class—or via an assignment in your Teacher Admin Tools. Learn how to use this time-saving tool in the training video below.

Plus a Redesigned Assessment Taker!

We’ve also revamped the process for giving assessments to your students. Assessments that launch in your Lesson Plan Presenter have a new look. They are now presented without the use of Flash. Teacher-Guided Mode makes it easy to distribute to students on mobile devices. Happy Assessment Taking!

Previous updates:

Forte Release: August 2017

Updates include:

  • Cross-Curricular Special Project Added to 4th Grade: Science of Sound
  • 40 New Classical “About the Piece” Activities
  • 11 Optimized Student Interactives
Elvis Release: April 2017

Updates include:

  • Easier Searching and Customization in Reimagined Resource Manager
  • Introducing: Quaver Choral Resources
  • 64 Songs now with Changeable Key and Tempo Options
  • Beginner Guitar and Ukulele Added to QStrum