In January of 2020, our Quarterly Update included:

  • Printable Custom Content
  • Quiz Challenge Screen
  • Brand New Song-Based Lesson
  • Resource Manager Upgrades
  • Pumpkin Bones Halloween Video


Printable Custom Quizzes and Rubrics

For users with access to: Curriculum

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! You can now print any custom quiz or custom rubric. You’ll find the print option by right-clicking on these custom screens in Resource Manager, when editing or previewing the screen, or when launching the screen.

New Quiz Challenge Screen

For users with access to: Curriculum

Explore the latest addition to your Resource Creation menu and an easy way to assess students, Quiz Challenge. Use this quiz-show style screen as a review tool or as a fun competition in your class.

Brand New Song-Based Lesson

For users with access to: Curriculum

Just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month, you’ll find a brand new Song-Based Lesson centered around the Quaver original song, “He Had a Dream.” This 5th grade lesson explores the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and incorporates Orff resources.

Resource Manger Upgrades

For users with access to: Curriculum

You asked and we listened! Based on your feedback, you can now search by resource sets in Resource Manager. This update restores a previous way of searching and means that you can find things like curriculum lessons grouped by grade like they were before, customizing the lesson from there.

Pumpkin Bones Halloween Video

For users with access to: Curriculum

Have you ever heard of Pumpkin Bones? This year, you voted to select Pumpkin Bones as Quaver’s Halloween costume! The video reveal was such a hit that we’ve added it to the Song Hub of “Pumpkin Bones” in ClassPlay—for your viewing pleasure all year long!


Previous updates:

Opus Release: October 2019

Updates include:

  • Resource Manager 2.0
  • A Whole New QStrum
  • Amazing Orff Activities
  • A Fresh, New Look for the Teacher Dashboard
  • Cray Cray Christmas Boomwhacker Ostinatos
  • Optimized Content
Nashville Release: August 2019

Updates include:

  • Mobile-Friendly, Non-Flash Creatives
  • Downloadable ClassPlay Songs
  • 4 Brand New Orff Pieces
  • Lesson Plan Presenter Upgrades