Graphs displaying the impact of Quaver Music's for teachers and students.

Empowering Teachers to Engage Students Across the Globe

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Benefits of Quaver’s Teaching Resources

Enhancing general music programs to support teachers and inspire students

There’s no denying the positive impact of music on young people. Quaver is uniquely positioned to be the catalyst for even greater growth in and out of the music classroom.

A picture of elementary kids in a music classroom smiling and playing instruments.


Don’t take our word for it!

Hear from teachers around the world using Quaver curriculum resources in their classrooms.

Pictures of happy Quaver Music teachers from around the world.

National Survey Results

National survey shows outstanding results in Quaver districts

At the end of the 2017/18 School Year, Fine Arts Supervisors from 36 school districts surveyed their music teachers to assess the impact of the Quaver Curriculum. The results were remarkable!

Graphs displaying the national survey results for Quaver impact on teachers and students.

Customer Map

Over 8,000 schools across the globe, and near you!

It’s our mission to be the most trusted music education brand in the world. With customers in more than 8,000 schools in districts located in 50 States and 30 countries, we’re well on our way


A map of the United States showing every state with Quaver Music schools.

Key Districts

Quaver partnerships in leading districts around the United States

Over the years, the Quaver team has fostered partnerships with school districts around the United States, serving their specific needs by collaborating on custom content development and standards alignment projects. Learn more about a few of these partnerships

A graphic representation of the Quaver partnerships in leading districts around the United States.