Quaver partnerships in leading districts around the United States

Over the years, the Quaver team has fostered partnerships with school districts around the United States, serving their specific needs by collaborating on custom content development and standards alignment projects. Learn more about a few of these partnerships below:

Houston ISD, TX

In Houston ISD, we worked with lead teachers to create a set of custom lessons that directly fit with their district’s scope and sequence. The resulting Custom Curriculum includes all of their standards numbering, cycles/semesters, and custom lesson plans, standardizing lesson planning for the district’s 176 Quaver users.

Houston Custom Curriculum


MCPS Custom Curriculum

Milwaukee Public Schools, WI

We partnered with the curriculum team in Milwaukee Public Schools to align Quaver resources to their specific district standards standards through an easy-to-use District Crosswalk. We’ve done similar work in other districts around the country, creating custom folders with the aligned content in each teacher’s online account, making it easy to find relevant content for a given standard or concept.

Garland ISD, TX

After implementing our curriculum resources in Garland ISD, the teachers there identified a set of 20 songs they found found central to their instruction needs. We worked with them to develop these songs and companion activities and added them as a Creative Credit to the district license. The best part is that these songs were also added to all other Quaver teacher’s resources. As districts like Garland ISD help us grow, every Quaver user reaps the reward.

Garland ISD Songs

Large Scale Implementations

We’ve also had success implementing our curriculum resources on a larger scale: throughout the entire state of South Carolina and across the globe in Department of Defense Education Agency schools, for example.

Please contact us for these and other district references or to discuss a custom project in your district.