Anonymous survey shows outstanding results in Quaver districts

At the end of the 2017/18 School Year, the Fine Arts Supervisors from 87 school districts asked their music teachers to assess the impact of the Quaver Curriculum. Additionally, the Quaver team reached out to a wider audience of teachers individually in all 50 states across the country. The composite grades given by the 2,364 teachers who responded to the National Survey are unpacked below.

Impact on Teachers

Teachers found the online curriculum resources were very easy to use, seamlessly covered standards, vastly increased their job satisfaction, and saved them considerable time in lesson planning.

Impact on Students

For students, teachers noticed an increase in concept retention, better performance on assessments, a significant increase in student engagement, and a positive impact on exceptional students.

Examine the Data

To what extend did Quaver contribute to the job of the music teacher?

What impact did Quaver have on student learning, classroom behavior/engagement, and  student enjoyment?