Musical topic-based classroom resources organized around our award-winning video episodes

Our original supplemental program provides teachers with 21st Century resources to help excite students about music fundamentals so they can learn to love music! Essentials is available as a standalone supplement or included with a Quaver Curriculum license.

Adaptable resources for foundational topics

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Essentials is broken into 30 Online Quaver Classrooms, each covering a topic central to K-8 general music education including Music Theory, Instruments & Ensembles, Music History & Composers, and Music Styles.

Each Classroom includes:

  • A 14-20 minute video episode featuring Quaver and friends
  • A collection of Interactive Whiteboard activities to help teachers
  • A printed and digital Teacher’s Guide
  • A 10 question Quaver Quiz, leveled quizzes, and much more

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