Completely-customizable, standards-based lessons for every grade level

Quaver Music’s PreK-8 General Music Curriculum is a comprehensive set of curriculum resources that is built on a foundation of standards-based lessons full of interactive elements and PDF lesson plans for a full 36-week school year.

In addition to ready-to-use lessons, teachers have access to a growing library of over 6,500 individual resources with powerful customization functionality to create lessons that suit every teaching style and student population.

Explore our resources for every age and stage of learning!

Easy-to-Follow Scope and Sequence

Lessons are packed with singing, moving, and playing instruments to address the musical concepts, vocabulary, and skills outlined by state and national standards at every grade level.

Each lesson:

  • Includes over 60 minutes of content with 30-45 minutes outlines as essential to the lesson’s goals
  • Equips teachers to effectively introduce, develop, and assess new concepts
  • Includes all necessary resources ready-to-use, or can be customized as desired
  • Incorporates leading pedagogies including Kodály, Orff, and Music Learning Theory
  • Empowers teachers to use their valuable time actively teaching students

A Solid Foundation for Grades PreK-5

Each grade level is laid out in easy-to-execute nine-week sections, accessible from a digital Lesson Selection Menu. Each three-week module addresses grade-appropriate material through engaging lessons, and concludes with an assessment that can be distributed digitally and automatically graded.

A screenshot of Quaver's general music curriculum lesson selection menu for grades pre-k through 8.

Project-Based Learning for Grades 6-8

Quaver’s 6-8 Curriculum includes fourteen multi-session group projects that help teachers extend the foundations learned in elementary school. Even non-band and non-choir students will be engaged in composing, performing, and responding to music in their daily lives.

Our 6-8 projects focus on:

  • The active and creative aspects of music
  • Group work, presentations, and performance
  • Life skills like teamwork and collaboration
  • Cross curricular connections to history, drama, science, and more!
  • Technology as a tool for music exploration

Unplugged Backup Resources

While our curriculum is delivered and updated completely online, we understand that Internet access can sometimes be unreliable. School networks, servers, and data providers all fail from time to time. We keep music classes moving even in unpredictable situations by providing a set of backup resources including DVDs with all 30 Quaver episodes, a USB drive with the Lesson Plan, worksheets, and other teaching elements from every lesson and an MP3 song from each module. The full Unplugged Kit is provided with each Curriculum license of 5 years or more, while the usb drive alone accompanies shorter license terms.

Quaver Lesson Plan

A curriculum designed to serve today’s music teacher!

Save Valuable Time Lesson Planning

Printable lesson plans for every Quaver Lesson include standards met, resources needed, and a visual breakdown of every element in the lesson, complete with teacher notes. Lesson plans are easy to print, send to administration, or edit to match any lesson customization done by the teacher!

Present Engaging, Multi-faceted Lessons

Lesson content comes to life in the classroom when launched in Quaver’s Lesson Plan Presenter, a uniquely powerful, interactive presentation tool designed specifically for Quaver teachers. Advance through the day’s hassle-free Lesson – from warm-up activity to assessment – and easily access NOTES for each activity with the touch of a button.

By displaying each element in the day’s lesson as a continuous sequence of activities, the Lesson Plan Presenter:

  • Facilitates an engaging classroom presentation
  • Saves teachers time juggling from one resource to the next
  • Keeps the lesson moving smoothly and on topic
  • Gives teachers the freedom to improvise

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