A virtual world of music exploration and fun

Quaver students have free access to the most original kid’s website ever – a platform for creating a personalized avatar and music room, playing musical games, and composing with musical composition apps.  Moreover, for students in classrooms using Quaver curriculum resources, the Student Dashboard provides access to Student Interactives and Assignments.

As of August 2018, much of QuaverMusic.com is now available without the use of Adobe Flash. The rest of Quaver’s World (everything on the Street and APPS tab of QuaverMusic.com) will be out of Flash before the Adobe Flash discontinues support in December 2020. This means that Quaver’s World is only accessible on the Flash version of QuaverMusic.com

Quaver's World, interactive music website for students login screen

Inspire Self-Guided Exploration and Creativity

In Quaver’s World, students can create and discover music in the classroom or at home. Access is available to any user for just $24.00 a year, and is included in teacher licenses, as detailed below.

Quaver's World apps, self guided exploration and creativity screen

Each section of the site holds endless possibility and inspiration for young musicians:

  • Studio: Composition apps for piano, drums, guitar, dance, and audio loops
  • Music Room: Musical arcade games, avatar customization tools, and site-wide contests
  • Metro: Virtual field trips to explore musical styles around the world
  • Lab: Ear training drills, apps to dissect sound waves, and add sound effects to silent movies
  • Shop: A phone box that travels through history, talking composers, and much more!

Some areas of Quaver’s World require QuaverNotes, the site’s virtual currency, to access. Teachers can provide students with QuaverNotes anytime! For more information visit out QuaverNotes F.A.Q.

Free Accounts for Students in Quaver Classes

One of the great benefits of an online teaching resources is the ability to easily extend the learning to students through technology – both in and out of the music classroom. Teachers with a license to use Quaver’s ClassPlay, Essentials, or Curriculum resources are entitled to unlimited access for their students! As long as your teacher license is active, your students will have access as well.

We offer two types of Student Accounts: Limited and Full Access.

  • Limited Access Student Accounts: Teachers with access to our supplemental programs (ClassPlay and/or Essentials) can generate student access to Quaver’s World of musical creation and fun for free! These Limited Access Student Accounts will not have a Student Tab or access to assignment functionality or Student Interactives.
  • Full Access Student Accounts:  Teachers with a license to Quaver curriculum resources can generate Full Access Student Accounts for their students by enrolling them in a class in their Quaver GradeBook. These students will have access to additional student resources, including a custom Student Tab, assessments, assignments, Student Interactives, AND all of Quaver’s World.

Deliver Learning and Assessment Content to Students

Full Access Student Accounts are the key to easy delivery of student assignments and assessments from Quaver’s curriculum resources. From their unique Student Dashboard, students can access their assignments, assessments, and companion content like Student Interactives. Accounts can be created individually or through the Quaver Implementation team.

Quaver's World, student dashboard with assignments, interactives, creatives, music room and more!